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Welcome to the last Tarot Blog Hop of 2018, Joanne Sprott has the reigns for this hop and asked this:



So many possibilities with the Winter Solstice/Yule symbolism in our shift from shorter days to longer ones and the hope of life in the spring (seems so far away right now!). I’ve been hopping on this blog since 2012, and we’ve had themes around light in the dark, presents, winter wonderland, embracing the dark. This time, I’d like to explore . . . cosy… Another dichotomy of this time of year is the contrast of warm and cold. Cold outside, and (hopefully) warm inside… think about how you keep out the cold and keep in the warmth at this time of year and how it relates to Tarot for you.


Influence of the Angels, created by Jody Boginski Barbessi with Karen Boginski


The Last Hop Standing…


Why on earth would I call this hop ‘The Last Hop Standing…’ Partially because it is falling at Yule, which in some respects is the beginning but also the end of the Wheel of the Year, but also because I love the play on words to some degree, and thirdly, well why not?


As you can see I am using Influence of the Angels, which if you know your hops you’ll have spotted last hop on Arwen’s Post: Samhain Mysteries – I felt their call pretty much there and then, so organised to get myself a copy of my own. This is their first hop and so far I am impressed by their pull. The spread that is at work here is one of my own design and creation, and the cards are as always blind selected and read.


Position 1: The Moment – The pull of what needs to be done, compared to what is needing done right now is reflected within Justice. It’s the balance and weight card for life right now, at times in order to maintain our own homeostasis and internal balance we need to stop, take stock and then decide what is needed. Too bad right now, in a local/national sense no one within the UK Government has thought things through and now here we the people are really having to decide, balance and weight what needs done.


Position 2: The Barrier – Somehow seeing The King of any Suit sitting here is not that much of a surprise considering what the first card unearthed. Kings are by nature authority, so for anyone in France, America etc that would represent the President, so for here (the UK) it represents the Prime Minister, regardless of Gender! This is a card of hidden agendas and motivations, there should be a lot of emotion on the surface but its buried deep! Again this is the UK, they’re not exactly known for emotions.


Position 3: Yin (That which is Hidden) – The Ace of Swords, uneasy lies the burden of power; things do not feel or look good at the moment, so much is unknown and hidden from not only the people but neither side knows what the other is up to in many ways and that is not a good place to be for anyone. As I look at this card, whatever power-play or schemes are at work, they aren’t good and no one profits, the Sword of Damocles is weighing perilously heavy at the moment and someone is going to be under it when this Ace falls, it just remains to be seen who.


Position 4: Yang (That which is Seen) – The Wheel of Fortune, is very much like a Roulette Wheel, spinning between Red & Black or in the case of British Politics – Red and Blue, the more time it spends spinning the less the people are able to tell which colour is which because it is not staying still long enough for anyone of us to focus, which I think is the point. The impression I have from this card and this spread is that the collective is being distracted by rhetoric and shining baubles of fear to stop us from asking the very serious question, which is simply – who profits?


Position 5: Tao of the Moment – Each card has told the story of where things are locally/nationally at the moment for the UK; this is a huge period of change and uncertainty and that is really the only certainty in this whole thing and that is change, it is no longer right vs wrong, no longer red vs blue and certainly no longer about leave vs remain; it’s not like the people had a true say in the matter anyway, long passed has the time when ‘we the people’ had any say in the way the country we live in is ran, we’re just the cogs that keep their well oiled machine running.


Make of this as you will, it was purely how things seemed to manifest as I looked at the cards today. Below this are the links to the next blog in the chain, thank you for hopping by and I hope that 2019/the turn of the wheel is kind to you.



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6 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 24: The Last Hop Standing.

    • Jay Post author

      They are feisty, I tried to order them alongside something else and the cards decided to hold up the order until the other item was removed; in that instant I knew I was going to love working with them. So thank you for pointing them out <3

    • Jay Post author

      There is a ton of hidden stuff in the folds at the moment, the trouble with hidden stuff is that it eventually doesn’t stay that way and it all comes bubbling to the surface. I hadn’t set out to read for the collective or political climate, it seemed to just come and find me cause I was open at the time. Thank you for hopping by x

    • Jay Post author

      I tend to avoid things like this normally Kimberly but the trouble is at the moment it is murmuring around the collective energy, so it ended up coming to the surface. Rather than ignoring it, I thought I would embrace it and see what was wanting to be addressed. Thank you for hopping on by.