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Welcome to the last Tarot Blog Hop of 2018, Joanne Sprott has the reigns for this hop and asked this:



So many possibilities with the Winter Solstice/Yule symbolism in our shift from shorter days to longer ones and the hope of life in the spring (seems so far away right now!). I’ve been hopping on this blog since 2012, and we’ve had themes around light in the dark, presents, winter wonderland, embracing the dark. This time, I’d like to explore . . . cosy… Another dichotomy of this time of year is the contrast of warm and cold. Cold outside, and (hopefully) warm inside… think about how you keep out the cold and keep in the warmth at this time of year and how it relates to Tarot for you.


The Cathar Tarot by John Matthews & Wil Kinghan


Tarot in a Minor Key…


I do love a play on words and I notice as I looked at the cards of this spread they are all cards from the suits or the minor arcana of the deck, so it was fairly hard not to use that as part of the title for this second entry for the hop. As you might or might not know, I approach my topics differently depending on which blog I am writing for. 


As you can see you’re still on the Sacred Healing site, but this is the (A) post, which for those that again aren’t familiar with my ways of blogging, this denotes that it’s the post for Sacred-Healing, the only reason why your still here is because Jay Cassels, is under construction at the moment and until that is completed, all my posts are being housed here at SH.


This post is more dedicated to the healing aspects of the Tarot, so in many ways finding what makes us warm or at home has powerful connections to healing. The minor cards from the Cathar are in essence complimenting this as well, because the suits are shields, swords, wisdom and love; the spread itself is the same layout from TBH 21: The Last Hop Standing, but I have adjusted the position names and what they are focusing on.


Position 1: Healing Needed – Six of Shields, we all have a lot of armour surrounding our trauma, our hurt and our feelings. As humans we’re predisposed to the defensive and protective rather than embracing and openness of vulnerability. Therefore we don’t truly let anyone through the defences or our shields, eventually that becomes who we are and what defines us.


Position 2: Blockages to Healing – I’m always cautious when the Three of Swords from any deck of cards rears its head, there is always an undertone of hurt and pain, two of the most striking versions of this card for me are from the Mythic Deck and Dragon Tarot, both depicting hearts being stabbed or broken, so this card right away suggests that it is the heart that acts as the barrier to healing, we are not used to being exposed, raw or open.


Position 3: Yin (Gifts the aren’t seen) – Squire of Wisdom, this is the card that denotes some healing needs to come from within the soul and in order to do that we sometimes need to embrace our opposite or hidden aspect, in essence what we perceive as our darkness; it doesn’t always need to be big, bad or ugly, sometimes its the inner child that needs loved again or the inner geek that needs let out to play in its nerdy way, whatever shape it takes the gifts we receive from being in touch with that hidden side can be awesome and it creates our path to healing.


Position 4: Yang (Gifts that are Seen) – There is something very welcoming in this card, the nine of love is very much the wisdom of age card. There is the biblical burning bush in the background and not only that but here we have in essence old meeting young and imparting the wisdom that age gives. It’s okay to receive the gift of wisdom, even if it comes in the form of sounding like a parent; they gifted us their wealth of experience right or wrong, good or bad, violent or non-violent – these were gifts that created the powerful force that is us, so whether we love or hate, miss or have them beside us, what we’ve learnt, what wisdom has been passed down through our lineage will serve us well either as a lesson or as a strength to not be them.


Position 5: Tao of Healing – Eight of Love, is a key change card; in order to progress, we’ve sometime got to let go of the parts of us or life that don’t work or no longer work for us in the positive, its not about others but about us; we’re the only ones that can make this life that we have work and therefore sometimes when we meet challenges it’s about the journey to overcome or accept them. The healing in that is powerful stuff in itself.


This may resonate with you or not, either way you’re welcome here and so are your comments, there are links to take you forward and back in the chain, so have fun and thank you for hopping by.




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8 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 23 – Tarot in a Minor Key

    • Jay Post author

      You are more than welcome Aisling, I’m looking forward to test driving my five elements spread in 2019, it is a work in progress at the moment, so I am looking forward to it coming into completion and being ready for use soon 🙂

    • Jay Post author

      More than welcome Katalin, The Cathar are quite a beautifully classical deck in their own way. I found them to compliment the Influence of Angels quite nicely but also contrast them as well particularly since some of the cards are also Angelic based.

    • Jay Post author

      Thank you Joanne, I felt that it was time to stop hiding and actually put something of my own into the mix for a change and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for hopping by 🙂

  • Traci Goodrich

    I really appreciate this tarot reading. I work a lot with healing with my tarot work as well. I always think of myself as a process oriented reader instead of product or results oriented one. Results often come as a result of figuring out the details in between but I don’t see it as the end goal. The 3 of Swords feels appropriate as card of blockage. I often say, what are you not expressing? It feels like the hurt lingers longer when people don’t express how they feel.

    • Jay Post author

      I do love your take on the 3 of Swords, I hadn’t actually considered that it could be seen as a card of ‘blockage’ I will look for this in the future. Thank you very much for that insight.