Tarot Blog Hop 36 – Dancing with Magic

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for Beltane; this time we’re here on my Sacred Healer Blog … If your not familiar with the trend; A Blog Hop is where a group of people from all around the cyber verse, gather and write. As the name suggests this is a hop that surrounds Tarot & Oracle Cards. Just when you thought it was safe, this turn of the wheel has dealt a hand that means it is my kind self that has Wrangler position again. Should you get a bit lost in the hop, then just refer to the Master List that you find on a Blog Hop post.Β 





Stop me if you’ve heard this one… β€œYou Remind Me of the Babe…” Yes! Staying with the Fables and Fortunes theme, let’s visit the lands of the Fae and Faeries. Beltane/Beltaine or Mid-Spring for some is the start of Summer, but it is also a time of potency…



Beltane: ⭐🌜⭐ The Magic Dance ⭐🌜⭐



Tarot, much like Life, endures… It has seen wars, crusades, dark ages and the odd age of aquarius as well. Now here in 2020, it see us through these interesting times; Beltane represents fertility, sexuality, the rebirth of maiden and many other Fae related attributes, but at the core is tradition and ritual.


Within this turn of the Wheel, as we head into uncharted waters and interesting times, be mindful of the luggage (it tends to bite), watch out for Twoflower (he’s a perpetually lost tourist) and try to avoid Rincewind (He’s a Wizard, they don’t tend to do much), as you head into the Faerie Forests, and with your deck in hand…



I’d like you to explore one or all of these options:


⭐ Whether you have a ritual for working with your deck(s)

⭐ Are you superstitious when it comes to letting others touch your deck

⭐ If you work with clients do you have a routine/ritual prior to a reading

⭐ Do you read for yourself / the world, if not would you ever seek guidance from them


As is the way with the muses and the Fae generally, I’m heading off on a slight journey of my own. Keeping in line with some of the points above, but just on a parallel path of a sort.




I’ve come to realise that as I have explored topics through these Blog Hops, I have discovered that I do have a lot of knowledge concerning Tarot.Β  Not only that but I have amassed something like 100+ decks, such as the one I featured in the last hop by Roberto De Angelis. Some of them are purely decorative, and are used within hops or demonstration evenings, while others have a functional use, and typically I will change my reading decks, every client.


I have learnt over the decades that I have been working with Tarot, that my cards have a tendency to tell me when they are ready to work. I find that every session, and even with the hops that every turn of the wheel is different. In this entry, I’m not actually showcasing anything new in the way of decks, but rather I’ll revisit some of the decks, that have been used before.


This is not so much a story post, but I’m going to take you on a little journey into my experiences of working with spreads, in this entry we’re going to take a look at the name spread, and how I ended up learning to work with it. The second half of the post, will explain the method or methods, when there is more than one, on how to use and work with that spread, so that you may take something a little new away with you, when you head off to the my neighbour’s post.Β 







At the very start of my tarot journey, I mainly stuck to working with what I call the Celtic Cross, which as you can see from the image (via wishingmoon.com), is pretty much straight forward to use and understand. Everyone that uses this spread, slightly alters the meanings and positions of the cards, but it gives the same depth and detail regardless. I learnt it via a template that came with the IJJ Swiss Tarot, it’s not something you easily forget, when its neon yellow and the text is large and in your face, which is a good thing when your dyslexic(!)



I would swear by the spread, and loved it to bits. It was like a comfort blanket for the Tarot, if you get what I mean, you couldn’t go wrong, when this neon yellow template was right in front of you, and then in time, I put the template away and started to work without my comfort blanket. It wasn’t an easy thing to do but eventually I got there. While this move away from the safety of neon yellow templates was happening, I was collecting decks. It started and I blame Live and Let Die for this, with Tarot of the Witches, which featured in the film, it then led me to find the Mythic Deck and my first Dragon Tarot, which then vanished during my year away.



As the collection grew, so did my interest in spreads and history of the tarot. It was during the year away from home that I found the name spread. I’d grow despondent towards the course at college and so spent more time in the Union working in the bar, than at class. When it was quiet, I would work on the cards, learning spreads and reading for folks, just to keep my hand in. The first time I crossed paths with the name spread, I almost regretted it, mainly because I chose to spell out my full name, which is roughly 20 letters long, when you use my given name in place of my nickname.



As you’d imagine, for someone that has trouble on any given day with words, letters or even numbers; stinging them together and reading them in a spread, was going to be fun. However, I managed (somehow), to get to grips with it. Mind you, that said I didn’t much appreciate the cards screaming at me “Fool, get your ass home to Glasgow and forget this larky, you’ll regret it, and suffer terrible consequences if you don’t” – I still maintain the emphasis on terrible consequences wasn’t bold or italic enough to take it seriously. Because I did suffer and did end up coming home eventually.


The thing about the naming spread is that in one sense it requires, time and patience; in another it requires a high level of trust, to give someone your name, is to give them power over you, even if its only temporary. It only makes sense if you buy into some of the deeper tarot magiks, and even then it still requires that you give that name back at the end of the reading. Which is once again leaning into the trust factor.


However, I am getting a little bit ahead of myself; let’s wind up this tale first. I work with the naming spread, when I have someone that is thinking about changing their name, or getting married and taking on the spousal name, which is a big deal. Using the name spread in that sense can give insight as to how good/bad things will be using that name.



It is also very handy if like me you decide to use your nickname in place of your given one, you get to see how the energy changes. It follows similar principals as numerology in that sense, but again I’ll go into that a little bit in a paragraph or two’s time. The name spread has been useful for in a few instances, when I have been with clients. Although typically I avoid using it for client’s as they are normally in for a quick consult or specific reason, rather than an exploratory reading. I will make use of it for distant readings, more so to get a feel for the energy and person that I am reading for.




Let’s take a look at the Naming Spread in a little bit of detail now, starting with a bit of background and then a look into the method and how to use it.


⭐🌜⭐ The Name Spread ⭐🌜⭐



🌜 Background to the Spread 🌜


The naming spread, uses the entire deck and it requires a little bit of patience to get to grips with as well. The idea behind the spread is that you are able to go deep into the essence of a person, looking at their past, present and their possible outcomes as well, not only that but you can also find out whether a name is working for them or not, plus you can depending on their name look at the family roots as well.



The history of the spread, does suggest that it has its roots in the magikal rather than the magical, as it goes a bit beyond just the psychology of a person, your getting a sense of the soul as well, particularly if you build that into the spread. The name spread does involve a person giving you their full name, including any middle ones, you can substitute for clients that don’t have a middle name.


Let’s take a look at the method and structure of the name spread, if you have a deck to hand you can try this one out as you go along.



Method 1: Naming Spread for a Full Name




Before you begin.


At the start of this spread, the first thing you’ll need to do is ensure you have enough working space, as this spread is rather large and can be detailed. Once you have that begin by giving the deck a very good shuffle, make use of the entire deck; and at the end of the shuffle, you may wish to split the deck into two piles. As depending on the length of the name, it may require both of the piles.



How to begin the reading.


🌜 Once you have shuffled, and split the deck; ensure that you have the full name.


🌜 Each part of the name requires a separate line, so an example: Joey Joe Blogger


⭐ Joey

⭐ Joe

⭐ Blogger


🌜 You now read through each line, and following our example above, let’s add some detail to the lines.


⭐ Past: Joey

⭐ Current / Present: Joe

⭐ Possible Future / Outcomes: Blogger



🌜 Okay, so now that you have a basis to work from; let’s say Joe, is born on 01 / 01 / 1991; you can look at the numbers in total, so 1+1+1+9+9+1= (22) 2+2=4.


🌜 We are going to take that total number of 4, and work with it in the name spread. As you know you have a time scale to work from each of the three rows. You can also spilt the name into columns as well. Please excuse the rather bad way that this is laid out on here.


⭐ J | OE | Y

⭐ J |O |E

⭐ Bl | ogg | er


🌜 The | is representing the column, with the letters being placed, so that there is a sense of evenness. You can play about with it as well depending on the name and amount of letters.


⭐ Recent Past: 6+ Months | 3 Months |Last Month

⭐ Recent Present: 6/12 Weeks |3 Weeks|Last Week – Currently

⭐ Looking Ahead: Within 6 Months | Within 3 Months | Next Month



🌜 The Layout now changes a little, when you work with the columns; the timing is adjusted to focus on the more recent events, and as you can see, the rough idea of timing is laid out.


🌜 This is where the 4 now comes into focus, starting at Recent Past, you count along 4, which brings you into the Recent Present, and into 6 to 12 weeks prior to the reading, you would give voice to that card, through that card it may turn out to be of significance, potentially something that needs addressed, or a card of reason and message.



🌜 There is scope to add more into this, if you are clairvoyant, adept at past life work or akashic readings, this name spread can be adapted to suit those talents, you would adjust the meanings of the rows and columns to reflect these aspects.


Let’s look at a quick example of how to do that:


⭐ Past Life: Early Life | Middle Years | Towards the end

⭐ Life Lessons: Early Lessons | Middle Lessons| Overall Lesson

⭐ This Lifetime: Lessons Learnt | Lessons Learning | Lessons to Learn




As you can see, there is scope to add and change this spread to suit your needs. There are of course some basics that you should start with before amending it, through the basics you can gain insight into the person, and then as the reading continues you can delve more deeply into the name, particularly if you are able to work at the clairvoyant level, although I have to stress that it is not a requirement. This spread is adept enough to work as is without the need for clairvoyant insights, as the spread tells you a great deal even at the basics.Β 



Well once again, I have reached the end of my post for this part of the hop, do please feel free to ask questions, leave a comment or feedback as its how I learn to get better, please do remember though I am human, so constructive critique is welcomed, but deconstructive stuff is not welcomed as such, it doesn’t really benefit anyone ultimately…


The links below will take you forward to the next post, or back to the blogger one that is also mine, thanks for hopping by and I will no doubt see you on the next turn of the wheel.





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