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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for Ostara; here on my Sacred Healer Blog … If your not familiar with the trend; A Blog Hop is where a group of people from all around the cyber verse, gather and write. As the name suggests this is a hop that surrounds Tarot & Oracle Cards. This turn of the wheel it is my kind self that has Wrangler position. Should you get a bit lost in the hop, then just refer to the Master List that you find on a Blog Hop post.Β 






The topic for this round of the hops is ‘Fables and Fortunes‘; which can be defined like this: “Once Upon a Time… All the great fables and stories from our childhood begin with those immortal words, but do you know the tale of the Tarot itself? Do the cards speak to you in story or do you find that you weave the tale as you read the cards? Is there a hero, a villain, a damsel or a handsome man in need of rescue? or are cards just cards for you? What of Lamond decks, Oracle Cards or Playing Cards, do you see them as part of your tale or more of a side quest?




I decided to explore this topic through; The Universal Tarot by Roberto De Angelis, while typically my cards have a tendency towards tangents; this turn of the wheel is slightly different, as I intend to devote this entry to the Fable of the Tarot, a story that’s purpose is to help us learn the order of the Major Cards, in this version there are no minor cards depicted, but they may get a mention…




Once upon a time there was a fool, naive and filled with child like wonder; who happened upon a maiden and fell under her spell and charm. He would gaze upon her longingly but never felt worthy of her audience or beauty. This fool, was determined to prove his worth to her, and set out on a journey to prove himself. Along the way he met with a man of infinite wonder and elegance, this man was a Magician of the Highest Regards. Upon retelling his intention, the Magician was impressed and said that to make his journey worthly of this maiden, he would set him a quest.




This quest would challenge the fool, test him and ultimately show him his destined path. So the fool accepted the quest and joined the Magician on his path, the first destination was the very castle that the fool had first learnt and befell the beauty of the maiden. Upon their arrival, the Magician introduced the Fool as his apprentice in training, naturally the Emperor, upon greeting them was impressed, and instantly introduced them to his Empress and their daughter, a High Priestess in training to the Heirophant.



As the Fool and High Priestess came to know one another well, love ensued. These Lovers, spurned a wrath from the zealous Heirophant, who had designs of his own for this High Priestess and her family. So a scheme was born, to remove the Fool and his Master, through nefarious means; one by the hand of another, and the young Fool, would be reckless in a chariot destined to meet a wicked end. Thus, on a fateful and unassuming day, the plan albiet devised, only half succeeded; as the fool befell an accident of the intended variety.




The Fool, his chariot ruined and his injuries severe; he rested upon the tree, and dreamed of being healed, strong and powerful. A dream that was perturbed by the arrival of a stranger, a Hermit from what the Fool could see. Now dear ones, as we know all Fables have their twists, and this one is no different, as this Hermit, gazed at the Fool with the eyes of a father recognising his son, or a Master finding his apprentice. The Fool meekly asked this man, why did he stare so intently, to which the Hermit replied, it was because he thought, his friend dead and was relieved to discover otherwise, he explained that the Fates, had offered him a chance to right a wrong, but at the cost of many years from his life, as he explained; the Fool understood the quality of friendship and love in its many forms and promised Justice, as needed, when needed.




Then came the sound of hoof beats, and a pale rider smiled upon them, I have come for you my friend, make your goodbyes; settle your debts for this is the end of your journey, and so the Hermit rode on the back of the pale riders horse, and the Fool, felt a surge as the apprentice became the Magician, and continued upon his journey…




Nowhere, was where The Magician found himself, lost between this world and the one he knew well; and if you remember your fables and the tarot well, when the young fool sets out on his journey to understand the world, met the magician and discovered love in the kingdom, only to find upon his return that she is to be wed to another. The fool now the Magician, has found that he no longer needed to prove himself worthy, and so paused in his journey, taking to learn the introspective ways and thus hung himself upon the tree of knowledge, until his found the answers to love, life and the purpose of death.




Such introspection, attracted the attention of those who would tempt and enslave by distraction, something that this newly grown Magician, would surely fall foul to, or so the daemon thought, and so it tempted, teased, and gested for 40 days, and 40 nights, however the Magician did not faulter, did not fall but instead remained upside down upon the tree, until the moment, when all became clear.




It had been the act of Temperance, and beholding only to ones own destiny, that answered this Magician’s plea, revealing the truths that had mystified all but the worthy, and so from the tree a wise man, stood, once a magician, now a Hermit, it was time once more to take to the path, and confront the fears that had once stood in his way.




Upon following the stars, this Hermit found his path, and met with a man wounded and lost; he spent time with him, and realised that he had been this man-child once upon a time, and so tended his wounds, and taught him about the power of Magic and Life itself, he told this novice, that one day he would be a magician, and take on a boy, a young fool, that this fool would have a heart of gold, but it would be filled with the follies of Love, a young love. He tasked the novice, to set the fool upon a quest, one that would teach him of the world.




The Hermit, then set off on his journey once again, paving the road to the excesses and toppling the tower of falsehoods and flawed wisdom, teaching the surviours of Bable; to forge a new way and learn to build a tower of true wisdom, understanding and love, through a book of answers and insights, a living book of magic that would show anyone with a pure heart their path and understanding.




The Hermit enjoyed his sun lit path, spreading his knowledge, love and humour to any and all who would listen. He passed no judgement, and caused no sins, but rather showed those who wished it about the mysteries within life, death and love, something that caught the eye of those who were higher.




The path was soon bathed in moonlight and the Hermit knew his time grew shorter, and so he stopped near a River of Styx, and rested upon a familiar tree, one that once upon a time, bore his weight and taught him a secret knowledge, one that he had passed along as promised, and he felt his eyes grow weary upon the land, and soothed by the waves, he slept within the light.




The sounds of Jericho, awoke him and there Enoch in his Angelic form, greeted the Hermit, and read from his book of life, all that he had done. The Hermit smiled, he had awaited this day for many lifetimes, and took the angelic hosts to task, chistising them, for hiding the mysteries of life, death and love, berating them for their distance, when men and all life-kind were in need, and this gave the hosts pause, but not for long…



The hosts pause, ended and The Hermit was given the task of advising the hosts, and became known as Melchizedek, adviser to Life-Kind and Angelic Hosts alike…



The End…




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