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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for Imbolc/Mid-Winter; here on my Sacred Healer Blog … If your not familiar with the trend; A Blog Hop is where a group of people from all around the cyber verse, gather and write. As the name suggests this is a hop that surrounds Tarot & Oracle Cards. Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous, is our Wrangler, in this our first turn of the wheel of 2020. Should you get a bit lost in the hop, then just refer to the Master List that you find on a Blog Hop post. 






The topic for this round of the hops is ‘Earned Success‘; which Joy, our Wrangler; has defined like this: “Earned Success: explore the topic of what it takes to earn your success. Last hop we discussed the innate gifts we bring to the table as readers. This time, let’s contrast that with what we had to work hard to develop. How did you earn your success as a tarot reader? What did you work on in the past, to get you where you are now? What are you now working on? and Where do you plan for it to take you? We’re not talking about abilities/knowledge/experience/etc that came easily, but rather that you had to work hard at to achieve, that you had to earn.”



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I decided to explore this topic through; The Star Wars Tarot by Jay Whittington, The Oracle of ‘E’ by Pam Grout and Colette Baron-Reid and a guest appearance by Butterfly Oracle Cards & Past Life Oracle Cards, both by DV. I am in essence throwing these questions to these cards and seeing/sensing into their answers on them. Typically, my cards do have a tendency towards tangents; so my guess is that even though I’d like to stick to what is above, they may have other ideas; so lets find out…



Tarot Blog Hop: 3 Card Spread



These cards above are my favoured three card spread. It never used to be, I loved a good ten card, astrological or name spread. They have a certain style, flair and form spread that is aimed at not only answering, lots of things within it but looked impressive. I tended to think that one card, only seemed to answer one individual or the most important topic. I had my doubts about one card, let alone three being able to do; however as always the cards find a way to prove their point and provide the answer. Now here in 2020, after a lot of learning and discovering that the simple ways are usually best, I condensed my style into a minimalist and concise one. I have also discovered that, while I love collecting and reading the cards, I prefer to do it at events and psychic nights, rather than as a full time job. These days, I am finding that I have gone beyond wanting to be seen as a ‘party favour’ or ‘something to do on a weekend with wine’. To quote a very good friend of mine “there are plenty more out there doing the same job, focus on the passion and what is calling you…”


Interestingly, I enjoy and get a lot out of the Tarot Blog Hops, which is why I continue to do them. The spreads that I use and the card choices, reflect not only where I am but also the mood of the collective as well. My sense of things at the moment, is that there is irreverence and a continuing sense of defiance and hope, within the fractured collective. The irreverence, seems to be directed at one aspect of the collective, with the defiance and hope coming from that irreverent faction. You only need at the current affairs of the world to see which two major events has stoked this. The three card spread has been divided up, The Star Wars Tarot, has The Oracle of E in the centre, which certainly is making this reading a curious one.



In light of the topic, we’ve been asked to tackle; if you hadn’t already spotted, I have begun to touch on this topic, within the opening paragraphs. So let’s take a look at this three card spread and relate it into the topic. The left card – The Magician, has chosen to tackle; How did you earn your success as a tarot reader?; The Oracle of ‘E’ is answering What did you work on in the past, to get you where you are now? and The Star Wars Tarot, has also chosen Where do you plan for it to take you?.



How did you earn your success as a tarot reader? – I am fairly certain that I have told this tale before in previous hops, however I am going to tell it one last time; I had always been fascinated by the paranormal and supernatural since birth, when I was 16 I decided that I was going to really explore this, and I started with an encyclopedia of the supernatural from the local library; that took me into one my very first journey’s without adult supervision into Glasgow, my nearest big city; this must have been 1991 or around that time. There was this shop called Tam Sheppard’s and in the cabinet by the doors was a small selection of different cards, and there was this set mentioned in the encyclopedia, under tarot; The IJJ Swiss Tarot. I was beaming, so proud got home opened them up and they were in French(!) – I’d failed my French in High School; it didn’t stop me, instead of learning what the cards meant, I looked at the pictures and read them. To this day I have never learnt the meanings of the cards, I did try to do when I went into the big working world; and was told that I needed qualifications to back up my claims. To be really blunt and honest, the meanings never stuck, the pictures always speak louder to me.



This journey really started, when I went to college to study Media Skills, this was four years later in 1995. By now I was 20 and had 3 going on 4 decks of cards, IJJ Swiss, Tarot of the Witches, Dragon Tarot (the original deck) and the Mythic Deck. I spent most of my downtime in the canteen during the first few months, as I had a lot of qualification overlap from previous years. This one day, I was on my own up the back of the Aller’s Campus; minding my own business and this lady, just appeared and asked if I would read her cards. I did say to her clearly that I was learning and that I had no idea if I would be any good. In many ways like the High Priestess, I was an innocent. None the less, she sat down and out came this card, the High Priestess, and she spoke to me of a young girl, dark hair, a teenager to very early twenties, but not on this side of the veil, the other side. By the end of the reading, this woman thanked me, and said I had brought through her daughter, who had been on the other side of life for some years and had never spoken through anyone until today. She slipped me a £5 for lunch and I wondered if it was possible to do this as some kind of job…



Now where does The Magician fit into this; well if you remember the fable of the tarot, the young fool sets out on his journey to understand the world, meets the magician and discovers love in the kingdom, only to find out that she is to be wed to another, so the fool sets out to prove himself worthy, if you don’t know this one; let me know and I’ll weave story telling through the cards into my hop for this cycle… The point is that in that moment, I felt like I had gone from being the fool and had grown into the role of a novice magician. The magician has always been about the journey of mastery, becoming one with your tools, elements and nature. It has been about becoming, and learning to become. This was how I earned my first success of several as a tarot reader, accumulating in opening my shop in 2006, which stayed open until 2008.



What did you work on in the past, to get you where you are now? – The Oracle of ‘E’ is a card that is moving things on to this question; What did you work on in the past, to get you where you are now?  – The one thing about ‘E’ is that there is nothing subtle about this deck; its like Dudeism on Facebook, where like this page, they are just called as they are seen. “The Right Side Up” is another way of saying that I was able to land on my feet once the shop shut. Quite literally the Universe provided me with a way to keep working with the cards, but also find a creative outlet and way of taking myself out of the house during Dad’s progressive illness, so for a while I studied computing, did a few spiritual events and caring duties for dad as and when mum needed me. This was a time that was busy and quiet also, I had amassed a fair few decks during this period of time as well, and then after my mourning period, the universe once again decided that I needed to step up.



What did you work on in the past, to get you where you are now? Has a short answer but with depth for exploration in the second half of this post. The short answer as to what I had to work on to get to here and now, is me… There is an element of sage wisdom as opposed to vanity or ego in that answer, what I have done and choose to show these days, is based on the learning that not everyone is my friend and not everyone has my best interests at their core. As I mentioned in the last cycle, Discernment is a skill that I once would have been ignoring, now in place of taking things on faith, particularly online; I am making use of the real time skill of just only going with what sits true. Plus after recently, rediscovering the importance of discernment skills, and trusting in my team. I regained trust and also a wider more expansive team. Bringing things forward and once again it links both healing, restoration of some old techniques and staying with my coaching along with the Internal Quality Assurance, which is apart of education, teaching and coaching.



Where do you plan for it to take you? – Here we are on the last card, interesting how it ends up being an apt card; Where do you plan for it to take you? – I put a great deal of emphasis on learning, its a gift in itself, that perhaps last cycle I was over-relying on. However, as it turns out; this is one that is needed in my line of work. While I like to back up my inner knowledge with some factual physical based knowledge; the certificate may for many just be a bit of paper at the end of the day, but that bit of paper says I have a working knowledge in that subject. This is so important in 2020, as in the coming cycle and its days, I am going to be working with people, that see these bits of paper as relevant and important. I have interestingly decided to go into education, but both in the physical world and also metaphysical one as well. So where last cycle I may have wanted to eased up on this, 2020 is going to be quite intense. There are certain skill sets that have a time limit on them, which is why I need to give them as much focus as I can. The others will take time and patience. The side that is about to flourish and develop is most assuredly Shinto, Shaman, Tantra, Druid and a few other things along this line. Outside of that I have a few other skills that will be getting aired as this wheel turns, namely my desire to open a training school.




There is a second part to this entry, which is dealing with We’re not talking about abilities/knowledge/experience/etc that came easily, but rather that you had to work hard at to achieve, that you had to earn., however, I have taken this down a different rabbit hole; making use of Doreen Virtue her, back when the cards were useful, good and not tainted by the ego and pressures of publishing houses… This is where the guest appearance by Butterfly Oracle Cards & Past Life Oracle Cards, both by DV comes in, I am going to explore this question, by taking a look back through my past lives… 



Monk or Nun; Through Reiki, initially I had a sense of being connected to something very old, deep and ‘powerful’ I discovered through a past life reading that part of it was to do with being a Monk, as I searched this one a little deeper it felt in line with Shinto, Buddhist or Shamballa, whether you accept that it existed or not. As it turns out, I needed to go back a bit further to Atlantis and Lemuria for the biggest part of the connection. Still here in 2020, it has reaffirmed my connection to Lay Buddhism, where the monks/priests have their own lives outside of the monastery, but practice their beliefs everyday. Something that I seem to adhere to, alongside everything else; my peaceful approach has really changed how I deal with this world, rather than attempting to do things, I now just turn up and be. Seems to have the desired effect, and allows me the chance to forge deeper connections with not only myself but those who I interact with as well.



Motivation: This card is bringing back in some way, a balance to the way that I live, now and also back in the other lifetimes. From Atlantis, I move forward to my time in China, as an old man I knew love and I knew internal martial arts as well. Sadly the love part, didn’t go according to plan, as my lover of that era acted in a dishonourable way, by having an affair with a woman; with my knowledge of not only the internal martial arts, but herbs, nutrition and acupressure, I, opted for a silent and potent way to enact vengeance for the dishonour his actions brought me. My last breath was something like “He is in the back garden, down by the wall” – according the person, who did my regression, he seemed very satisfied and slightly smug over his final act.





Well thank you for hopping on by and it has been a pleasure to write for this hop. If you have managed to read as far as this without giving up, then thank you for staying with this, and if you would be kind enough to leave me a comment, that would be awesome. Without interactions, it is likely that this space may not survive longer than this year, however with interaction and comments, it is most likely I will renew it. As you might have realised that draws my part of the hop into conclusion. I will bid you a good morning, good evening or good night. and again thank you for hopping by.






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6 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 34 – 🦋The Aquarian Butterfly🦋

  • Bonnie

    Very interesting, and I had not heard your story before, so was happy to read it!

    What’s IQA?

    I really relate to having DV decks around and wondering how to use them now that she’s renounced this path. I have several of her decks, and though I can’t relate to her artwork, never could even before she renounced it, I do find that her decks read well for me. But right now I am mostly just keeping her angel deck around for those clients who want to be read for with an angel deck.

    Your Star Wars deck sent me on a quest, by the way–I immediately thought, I wonder if there is a Star Trek deck somewhere? Somehow that led me to a Dickens deck, but that’s just not the same thing!

    But all of that is neither here nor there…going back to the central topic, earned success–maybe I just think this because I was writing in part about circles, but yours seems to me circular as well. It’s as if your method is to wander around seemingly aimlessly but not actually aimlessly because after awhile, you find that you’ve come full circle. I don’t know if it looks that way to you!

    Anyway, a fine post. 🙂

    • Jay Post author

      IQA or Internal Quality Assurance, is something that in education means checking to make sure that training schools and educators are providing good quality qualifications without bias, misleading the learners and also being fair and impartial at all times. It’s something that because of my experiences, I wanted to really get into and prevent other learners having to go through what I endured.

      I use story telling in my posts as a way of imparting information or knowledge about a subject; sometimes I do take my reader on a journey or a sojourn at times too I guess. This, and most likely the next one will have a big element of that in it. I love the Star Wars Deck, but I’d really love to find out if there was a Star Trek one, as it would make a brilliant counter-part to the Star Wars. Like yourself, I have only kept a hold of a few DV decks, really only the Angels ones, Past Live and Butterflies, the rest I moved on, as I no longer resonated with her or the energy of the decks I moved on. The Angel ones, as well as the Butterflies and Past Lives, I have managed to just about severe the energy cord connecting them to her. They may have her name, but not her energy any more.

      Thank you for hopping by Bonnie 🙂

    • Jay Post author

      Thank you Joy, it always stuck with me just how grateful and appreciative the lady was with what I gave her. The happiness and my own personal realisation that maybe, just maybe I should learn more about this and how to connect with this source of knowing. Who would have thunk it would become a lifelong passion and journey.

  • Louise

    £5 for lunch in 1991? You must’ve had a feast! Interesting cards & fabulous story. Talk about trusting your instincts & just going with it. Not many do, fantastic to watch & learn when it does go that way.

    • Jay Post author

      Heh 🙂 – I was awe struck Louise and to be honest I actually think I saved that £5 for something special, it was like I didn’t want to let that moment go. I think even back then I knew words were my stumbling block, but it took 6 more years to find out why and since then, I have used every chance and oppertunity to learn more and overcome that stumbling block. Just never expected it to lead me into coaching, teaching, Assessing and everything else. Its a journey of actually following the flow and very much trusting the instincts.