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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for Solstice and Yule; here on my Sacred Healer Blog … If your not familiar with the trend; A Blog Hop is where a group of people from all around the cyber verse, gather and write. As the name suggests this is a hop that surrounds Tarot & Oracle Cards. Arwen Lynch Poe, is our Wrangler for the last turn of the wheel for this season. Should you get a bit lost in the hop, then just refer to the Master List that you find on a Blog Hop post.ย 






The topic for this round of the hops is ‘Gifts’; which Arwen Lynch Poe, our Wrangler; has defined like this: ” Gifts, We all love to talk about gifts. Do we have them? Do we not? Do we need them? – What are your thoughts on your own gifts as a reader?, What do you bring to the table?, What gift am I ignoring in myself?, How can I bring that gift forward more?, What gift am I over-relying on?, How can I ease up on that gift?, What gift can I expect to develop next year?”




I decided to hand this topic over to The Epic Tarot by Riccardo Minetti & Paolo Martinello, The Adrian Tarot by AG Muller and Crystal Keepers Oracle Cards by Adam Barralet. I am in essence throwing these questions to these cards and seeing/sensing into their answers on them. Typically, my cards do have a tendency towards tangents; so my guess is that even though I’d like to stick to what is above, they may have other ideas; so lets find out…



Tarot Blog Hop: 3 Card Spread



The above three card spread is aimed at answering a few of the questions within the one card, which I had my doubts about; however as always the cards find a way to answer. The top card – Black Tourmaline, has chosen to tackle the first part; Do we have them?, Do we not?, Do we need them?, What are your thoughts on your own gifts as a reader?; Although being the third card drawn, it is the first to answer. The Epic Tarot, has chosen to tackle the questions on what I bring to the table, what I am ignoring and how to bring them forward, while the Adrian Tarot is looking at over-reliance, Easing up on that and what I can expect to develop. So with this in mind, let us get started…



Black Tourmaline; this is a grounding stone; yet in order to do my work, whether it is reading cards, stepping into death or coaching Tai Chi / Qi Gong, there needs to be a sense of being grounded. Recently while I have been at my local Reiki Share at Holly Jacks, one of the recurring phrases I have been hearing is about how grounded I am. Which, is interesting as for long enough that was the last thing I actually was. I spent more time off planet than on it; but to be honest, asides from a few good reasons I had nothing to tether me to the moment. During the last 4 – 5 years that has gradually changed; because I have found that I can’t do what I need to without being anchored to the moment. I normally shy away from discussion of my gifts, and generally avoid having conversations about what my gifts are and what I can do with them, however more and more these days that again seems to be shifting. It is feeling that my time of being in the background is giving way and I am starting to be noticed again, not exactly something I am comfortable with, but then the wheel does turn eventually, whether you want it to or not, which is something that this card reminds me of.



IX: This card is now moving things on, to the next set of questions; what do I bring to the table, what am I ignoring and how to bring them forward. This links very subtly into something I wrote up last week on the 15th, which is actually my present and current date, as I am writing this a week in advance. However, regardless of when this was written; the post I am referring to is my Cards of the Week, in which one of the cards was Fearn Alder, a card of prophecy, and divination, the other that is very relevant to this was the Aspen โ€“ Eabhadh and Blackberry โ€“ Muin [Crossed] which spoke of gifts and the knowledge of when it is time to let some of these go. The interesting thing is that perhaps it is not so much about letting them go, but more about bringing them back to life in some way, striking a balance.



IX, is the card of the Hermit; if you are ever looking for me in a spread this is one of my ‘faces’ perhaps my truest face. I will admit to having a vast skill set, how vast, well for that you’ll need to wait into 2020, to find out; which is all I am saying at this early stage. IX – or The Hermit, represents where I am, I bring a lot to the table in the ways of old and forgotten ways, to the new skills. There is an element of sage wisdom in what I do and choose to show these days, as I have learnt that not everyone is my friend and not everyone has my best interests at their core. Discernment is a skill that I have been ignoring, and taking too many things on faith of late, more so online than in real time though. However, recently I have been rediscovering my discernment skills and trusting in my team more. A skill that I had almost forgotten about, due to one thing and another, but thanks to some timely intervention, I regained that skill set, the trust and also a wider more expansive team. Bringing things forward is a powerfully interesting questions, and once again it links both IX to the following card and set of questions. What I do know is that healing, restoration of some old techniques and staying with my coaching along with the IQA are all happening.



The Fool:Here we are on the last set of the questions and the last of the cards as well. Interesting how it ends up being an apt card that should answer; What gift am I over-relying on?, How can I ease up on that gift?, What gift can I expect to develop next year? I do put a great deal of emphasis on learning, its a gift that I am perhaps over-relying on, its also needed in my line of work to a degree. I like to back up my inner knowledge with some factual physical based knowledge; the certificate may a bit of paper at the end of the day, but that bit of paper says I have a working knowledge in that subject, which is so important these days when working with people. I have interestingly eased up on this and will continue to do so, once 2020 comes around but until then, the next few weeks are going to be quite intense. There are certain skill sets that have a time limit on them, which is why I need to give them as much focus as I can. The others will take time and patience. The side that is about to flourish and develop is most assuredly Shinto, Shaman and a few other things along this line. Outside of that I have a few other skills that will be getting aired as this next wheel turns, guess you’ll just need to keep an eye on things to find out what this will be ๐Ÿ™‚



Well that draws my part of the hop into conclusion. At the time this goes live, it’ll be somewhere in the very early hours of the morning in the UK. So I bid you a good morning, good evening and good night. Thanks for hopping by.




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6 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 33 – The Gift (Solstice and Yule Blog Hop)

  • Arwen

    Interesting! How you grouped the questions as areas rather than individual questions intrigued me. And I really love that Black Tourmaline. What a fabulously evocative card!

  • Bonnie Juettner

    “I have found that I canโ€™t do what I need to without being anchored to the moment.” I like that comment. I’ve found it’s very true in all sorts of areas.

    Sorry to be so slow in reading this–so I guess I’m probably reading it a good couple of weeks after you wrote it. I’m getting very distracted by that black tourmaline card, too–I’ve never seen that deck before. I am NOT, NOT, NOT looking for any new decks right now, but I’m tempted to go search for that one.

    I’m curious to see what 2020 holds for you, after all your mysterious hints here! ๐Ÿ™‚ Whatever it is, will you eventually blog about it?

    • Jay Post author

      It’s natural progression for me in some respects, I started out needing to meditate on a daily basis, and then over time I played about with it and now thanks to mindfulness and mindfulness stress based relief or release as I seem to call it, I find being in the moment and anchored to it, very important and beneficial.

      No need to apologise Bonnie, I take my time with reading every day; I typically get annoyed at myself for being slow but I have learnt that you gain more from reading slowly or rereading things again, you discover more from that exploration of words. Probably why I like studying and then applying the studies to real life. Yes, those cards are very vivid; I am finding that with my card and deck selections these days, more vivid and brighter in many ways, they seem more accessible to me. I say that on a near daily basis, and yet I am inheriting two skulls at the end of next week and surprisingly, the family/team have found or made spaces for them both, so never ever say never to the power of the Tarot, if they are meant they arrive.

      Yes, I will be blogging more about the adventures in this coming year of 2020, it is certainly shaping up to be a curious one. Thank you for hopping by Bonnie ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jay Post author

      It’s exploding in a good way now Joy, lots of results in the positive. The decks are just amazing, when I have needed a new avenue or different perspective, a deck with the right energy has found its way into my collection. These were a good example of right energy, right place and right time ๐Ÿ™‚