Tarot Blog Hop 32: Patterns…

Welcome back, my 32nd post to the Tarot Blog Hop. The Pagan and Celtic Wheel of the Year, puts us at Beltane; taking the Reigns of Wrangler and posing us this topic “Tarot Continuing Education”. I have to admit, I did have a wry smile to my face at the arrival of this topic, as part of my journey has been to become a teacher (and assessor, as soon as I get off my ass to finish the qualification), so let see where this entry take us…




This month sees me working with two decks, The Steampunk Tarot and The Magic of the Tarot, which is a reprint of The Art of the Tarot. As I sit with both of these decks, they have their own unique vibe and way of working, which is fitting to some degree. These days when I work with the cards, I find that I tap into The Collective and also The Energies from the All That Is. What I mean by this I will attempt to give words to between decks. However, let’s see what I can divine from this selection…

V – The Hierophant, for me this is a card about rules, authority and direction. In many ways we have to abide by our own rules and become our own authority, particularly when it comes to the tarot. Think about it another way, where or who did you learn the cards from? Did their rules make sense and their interpretation of what you saw sit well with you all the time? At some point, you would have gone off that path and forged your own one. True you may have stayed with what you were taught for a long time, but then one day, something, an experience would or will change your direction. If the Hierophant, teaches us one thing it is this, at some point, you will need to step out of the teacher’s shadow and in place of being taught, become the teacher.

XXI – The World; At some point we all encounter the consummate seasoned Tarot pro; they have their own interpretation, their thoughts and commentary. Try as we might to reason and approach them at their level, it never seems to work out. The one thing in the 20+ years of working with the Tarot, it is this – no one is wrong! Each one of us have learnt to work with the cards differently and been inspired by them to make connections, that others do not see. The trouble is that the consummate professional, the lay person or the I read cards for my friends ‘expert’ hasn’t been able to make that leap, rules are rules. The World is a beautiful card that just simply says, yes! your right from your perspective and that is absolute fine. Things and people always work out to be exactly who they need to be, the best thing we can do is just meet them there, after all – a tree doesn’t come to you, sometimes you need to go to the tree.



As I said at the start, I tap into The Collective and The Energies of The All That Is; which I realise doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Why should it? Well outside of the Blog Hops, it doesn’t; after all when I am working with a person, they aren’t interested in the how, only the answer to their questions. Within the Blog Hop and also the context of teaching it does. Not everyone can deal with book text and being taught the belt and braces method. In other words, we’re not all able to just be taught the meanings and then make connections to the stars, etc. It matters to some people and then for others it doesn’t matter, because their brains aren’t wired that way. For me, I find that I make a connection to the Origins of Tarot, to Spiritual Communication, Divination and Oracular Visions. 



Although before I get too deep into that side of things, lets take a look at The Steampunk Tarot; I should explain what and how I am working with the cards in this post. If you separate the deck into major and minor, take the major cards only. Discard the first one as the fool / zero and then pick a number at random between 1 and 21. Count them out and then flip that chosen card over. Have a look at it and try to keep your mind open, don’t dismiss that first instinct. Now flip the fool/zero card over and see if it compliments or adds anything more to the message. This is a really good and brief way of reading, perfect for fairs, groups, or that quick check on the fly. It is possible from that one card to get a lot of clarity.

I – The Magician; There is a theme here, considering that with the Magic of the Tarot, I had the Hierophant, the single and solitary figure, his hand pointing to the sky etc, look at this Magician from Steampunk. Mirroring the Hierophant, the alternative hand this time to the sky and his alternative hand holding an item to the ground. This has me amused right away. The Jack of All Trades, but the question here would be Is he a Master of Any or None? I am reminded that not only do I have this site, but I also have Sacred-Healing, this question of Jack of All Trades / Master of None, once troubled me but these days not so much.



On the personal level this card, strikes a cord with me, as at one time I would have said this would be my card in a reading, now I recognise that it isn’t. The Magician knows his stuff, but he is at the start of this journey, attempting to prove himself to well anyone really. A lot of the time he is showing off and saying, sometimes in action rather than words, look at me. The question that the true magician asks is why? What do you have to prove to the world, that you haven’t proven to yourself first?



X – Wheel of Fortune; Again a theme, this time cycles. This one is more the Birth, Death, Rebirth or The Karma/Dharma/Dukkha cycle. To be honest I didn’t spot the theme or the repetition/pattern to start with, but now I can’t help but see it. I suppose that is the nature of things in a way. Once you see a thing, you can’t un-see it. So let’s quickly explain this. Dukkha is suffering, Dharma is our story and Karma is what we create; depending on the philosophies that you follow, it is possible to argue that Karma is something that happens to you. Personally I don’t really buy into that one, I believe that we have a personal responsibility and that Karma is something we create for ourselves, lifetime to lifetime. The Wheel of Fortune is kind of that reminder, what we reap, we sow; if we behave like a shit, then we get treated like that shit, but if we act and behave in accordance with our highest and truest nature, then we’ll get treated in that same way.



Well that is it for this post, over on my other blog post at Sacred-Healing, I am taking a much lighter approach to this subject, so I hope that you will join me there. This entry has been fun to do, and I love the interplay of what is out there in our world at the moment. Time to hop on by to another entry. Hope you have got something out of this one, assuming you made it to the end.




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