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Welcome to the October Tarot Blog Hop, it falls upon Samhain, All Souls Night or Halloween depending on how you look at it. This is the end of the cycle and the commencement of a new one for some, and for others it is the lead up to the end of the cycle, which occurs on the 2st/22nd of December. For me, this is where my years ends and begins; so I am honouring this by pulling two cards from different decks, the first from the Rohrig Tarot Deck and the other from The Living Light Cards.



Let’s look into the Rohrig Deck to begin with. I selected a very quick 1 card reading to define not just this month, but this cycle of the wheel and the moon, the 13th card was the one to come out. It is actually a fairly accurate depiction of not only where I am currently at this moment in time but also this cycle of the wheel. It has been a cycle that has packed one hell of a punch, from changing jobs, to releasing a lot of my cords as well, which is quite an emotive thing to do.



The moon is routed in emotion, it is also very connected to cycles as well. With having the Full, Quarter, Half, Dark and so on; it is apt that this card should be the 13th one; there is power in drawing this card if I am truthful, recognise the cycles that you go through and learn to cut the cords, and embrace your power at the times when the moon for you is the strongest.



So let’s quickly take a look at the discarded fool card… Well Goodness! The Devil, cutting the ties that bind, I think sums this up. It is the message of the last two weeks; literally sever the ties that are hurtful or just no longer service me in this space that I occupy. Really strong message for the cycle ahead as well, be mindful of taking on too much and also be mindful of trying to be there for everyone and forgetting the self at the exact same time.



The Living Light Deck, is a new one for me; I was drawn to it because of the style and also at the Soul level as well. I decided to give this one a roll out for the hop and in true hop style, fly blind, so lets look at the first card of the reading…



The Ripple Effect, or Right Effect as I saw it originally; even the name holds intense potency, we have to mindful of our actions and the ripples that they have on the outset, after all what you put out there comes back at you eventually, so if you are bad, then bad comes back and usually brings friends. Likewise, when you act in kindness and good, the effects that come back are very rewarding. We also have to be mindful that our words, also have power.



Now there is a thing; Complacency! Too much of that had been rearing its head of late, and to a degree, I have been on the receiving end and not in the nice way. We have to always be aware of our light, and the intelligence that does not approve of such light, it makes them jangle. So to be diligent and aware, to place safe guards in order to guard against things either repeating or happening is always good, it just depends on who is listening at the time as to whether things are done to their fullest…



Well thank you for stopping by and visiting, please do make sure to check out some of the others that have taken time to be involved in this round. Till next time…




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