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Welcome, this will be the last post on this site in its current form; the site is about to go through a bit of a revamp. Thankfully I have been able to get this one out before it regenerates. The Pagan and Celtic Wheel of the Year puts us at, Beltane; and this month its Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous, taking the Reigns of Wrangler. The topic “Tarot Continuing Education” had me at a little bit of a loss to start with. If you have visited my hops before then you’ll know they are split, the direction on here is usually focused on healing and over on Jay Cassels, well it tends to vary.



This month sees me working with not only The Osho Zen Tarot but one that I have worked with before, The Oracle of E. You’ll also find some other images along the way, these have been picked up from Social Media and Google, so as always the respective copyrights remain with the authors and artists, I am just borrowing them for the purposes of this hop post.


My method of drawing the cards is following the same method as my other entry, which is to draw a single card, which is fun considering that the Oracle of E has 52 cards, so the whole method becomes a bit strange, but then so is that deck! Thing is that when it comes to cards, whether it is deciding on a new deck, selecting one for the blog hop, or being instructed that service deck is changing, the process can be fun.


This is because each deck, has its own individual voice; some decks are dormant and although they don’t want to ‘move on’ they’re not exactly wanting to be in-service either, mostly they are “Piss off I’m sleeping” or “Do I have to show the tower card?, go away!” It’s true, my decks are not exactly polite, when they get disturbed.



XIV – Integration; The Zen Tarot, has a very chilled voice; nothing seems to phase this deck. I’ve had it in my collection for about 10+ years and every so often it wakes up and in parts its wisdom, before going dormant again. This is one of its active periods, which ties in with my investigation of Mindfulness and Buddhism. The sense I get from this card, is about bringing things together and allowing an integration to occur. The Zen Tarot, is about perceiving everything as being apart of the whole, rather than divided and separate parts. There is a wisdom in letting that happen, we’re socialised and schooled in how to separate ourselves from our self; just as we are socialised and schooled into doing the exact same in life as well. Problem is that we also create suffering, pain and confusion, however you wish to see those things. So integration, is also saying let go of that fear and bring everything together, why keep one side and the other separate?.



This is why I adore the Zen Tarot, it simply makes sense of things in a matter of fact way, the tone of the cards is open, welcoming and also it doesn’t really take on board our drama or let us get away from facing our shit, if anything its more “you made the mess, now clean it up”. You wouldn’t know that from looking at them, but when you work with them, they do make you show up. Which is why they are not really for asking the most basic of stuff, these are more about the heart of a matter.



XV – Conditioning; This is the card, which I discarded at the start of the deal. Again, this is bringing it back around to how we perceive our lives, it forces us to really look at how we’ve been conditioned. What filters are we ‘seeing’ life through? Can you be capable of dropping those filters, and truly see the world that you live in? Conditioning can also apply to how you view the cards as well, are you just seeing the surface, the meanings because of the words or are you able to really see the heart of the card drawn, looking beyond the meanings, the numbers and the symbols, to observe what is happening within the card itself, what are you seeing in Conditioning, the picture or just the word? If it is just the word, are you trying to equate the number XV to the traditional Devil? If so are you then attempting to connect the meaning of the Devil to Conditioning? Or have you really looked into the heart of this card and found that your staring at the sheep or the lion, if so which is more you – the follower or the leader?.



Let’s face it, the blog hop is like Deck Porn, we’re drooling over cards and decks, trying to work out if we can afford to buy what we see, it is in our nature; there is always a new deck or a new oracle set that grabs us and like a muscled arm, or a long slender leg; it tempts us, seduces us, demands that we give over to it and buy, buy, buy!


Typically, we cave and do that very thing, rationalising it as a business expense, because after all at some point in our career, we can crowbar the cards into a reading or a hop. I don’t think that we would do these hops if that wasn’t partially the case, well I know I wouldn’t.



When I bought the Oracle of E, I did so out of pure fascination. I didn’t even think I would connect with them. Yet some how they surprised me, the deck has a quirky voice; almost sarcastic, but at the same time the point of the card, suddenly smacks you in the face like the proverbial wet kipper, and you find yourself with an ‘oh yeah’ moment.


22 – Time-Out; was one of those such moments, here is this unassuming card that shows up and starts throwing its weight around, then suddenly it is there, right in your face saying “Time-Out” Makes sense to slow down, pause or take a moment to get your bearings, more so at the moment with so many different things happening. We’re very easily influenced these days, unless your awareness is very clued into the world, in which case it takes a little while for any kind of influence, positive or negative to take hold. It really is okay to simply be and to take Time out.



I often find with my decks, that there are those rare moments, when I need to filter, or adjust what is being said by them, not because its bad, more because truthful or not, its just not the done thing in polite company or professionally. You can’t just say to someone, well the cards tells me to suggest you get a life, preferably better to the one your screwing up at the moment. There is telling like it is and then there is wanting to keep your job and not get done for all kinds of slander, defamation and so on. I have found that it is better to go down a more gentler root, perhaps one that won’t get you punched.



So I tend to translate some of my decks into language that is still honest, just not brutally honest. I’d be more inclined to suggest to the client/person, that they pause and reflect on their journey so far and see if there is a better road to take than the one they are currently travelling. The Oracle of E, however; doesn’t always give you that option.


51 – Just Say “Know”; Sometimes it really is about that very thing, you need to just step up and say that you know it. True there will always be someone willing to challenge, call you out, accuse and so on, but it struck me today, that is where they are, its not about our capabilities, or whether we know or don’t know our stuff (because we do) this is to do with where they are at the moment, most of the time, we represent something that is a challenge to that person. It is not for us to determine either, because we didn’t ask or invite that into our space to start with, so why do we need to put up with it? In every line of work, there is someone going to be challenged; in Tarot, Reiki or even Holistic work generally, there will always be that arm-chair expert; who has never lifted a deck in their life to read for someone else, but they know all about what the cards are telling them.



I love these quirky meme’s, they are really being on point with the topic this time, mind you I hadn’t actually planned it that way. If anything I saw them and thought that might be useful, and wouldn’t you know it they have been. I find sometimes that you have to think outside of the box and this is more so the case when it comes to teaching, and also continuing to teach. There are different ways of teaching, in some ways its actually showing, telling and instructing people that want to learn cards, how to do that very thing, but the trouble with that is, there are so many different ways and means to do that these days.




Not a day goes by, do we not see that Person X is doing an online, in-person, stand on your head with bells and whistles, class on how to read the Tarot. My question, do they teach about the background, the travels and the various origins that the cards have had over the centuries?



Silly as this is, do these classes teach their students how to deal with serious and silly questioners? I do wonder if it is all about the meanings rather than the art at times, it is not for me to ponder about too much ultimately, and I am not sure if I would actually ever want to put myself in that position of teaching people how to read the cards, because my method does seem to be a bit unique in many ways. Still, there have been moments, similar to this one depicted; and not always surrounding this kind of comedic timing either, and I find myself pondering just for right now, how can or how do you teach someone the skills or empathy to be able to actually listen and hear a person when they are looking for something that they believe you/we can give them, when we know that it starts and comes from within first?



20 – The Dude Abides; this was one that caught my eye from the last time the deck was used in a hop. It felt right to make it a last minute addition as I begin to wind down this post. What I like about this card is that it is just simply saying, that what happens we just have to accept. We can’t control how people learn the cards, or who they choose to learn them with. I don’t think I would want to. I found my way into the cards, because it was meant to be, they chose me just as much as I chose them. My story is quite well known in terms of these hops, and now I have decided to rest it, at least for now. The Dude Abides, is patience and acceptance of what is. The card is one of pure laid back joy, but also one that says I know my shit, deal with it. I tend not to use Know unless I am absolutely sure, and I know my stuff these days and I am not really ashamed to admit that anymore.


I’m very much the Hermit, the one who holds his knowledge in sacred honour, willing to share but only with the right people at the right time and in the right way. It’s Tao and the Universe that make the right moments occur, I tend to just stay open to all that is. Well, its time to hop on by to another entry. Hope you have got something out of this one, assuming you made it to the end.




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4 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 27: Heart in the Cards?

  • Louise

    yeah, some people ARE intimidated by my Spirit; I don’t think my demons like theirs; that’s OK!
    Never really got on with the Osho Zen deck; no idea why.

    As for the seriously funny questions; that’s where you learn from your peers. You get their advice & damn it, you listen!

  • Joy Vernon

    You always take us on winding journeys touching lightly on topic, cards, your life, your thoughts, and meandering into something that somehow transcends it all. I really like your statement, “are you just seeing the surface, the meanings because of the words or are you able to really see the heart of the card drawn, looking beyond the meanings, the numbers and the symbols, to observe what is happening within the card itself?” You “Just Said KNOW” to tarot education.

  • Boglarka

    🙂 I loved it. Especially that picture with the words ‘What can you tell me about my life?’ Get one… I loved your other post, as well, just I could not comment there. But I am studying the Osho Zen Tarot and the Steampunk Tarot, too, and even a third one, the Aura Soma Tarot, do you know that one, Jay? Just 24 hours never seem to be enough for a day. Thank you so much for your posts!