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Welcome to Ostara 2019; and yes it is myself Jay & the awesome talented and soon to have her own debut Sharron Basanti that have the reigns this time. This turn of the wheel had me thinking; as a group we’ve covered so many topics, and this time last cycle saw us celebrating our 50th, with a musical!






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Since January 20 2012, the Tarot Blog Hop Group amassed 345 members … all in that’s a whopping 19,320 potential posts! As a group we’ve covered so many topics, and during the last cycle, saw us celebrating our 50th, with a musical! 





Hello there and welcome to the tarot blog hop, my name is Jay Cassels, Sacred Healer; this site (Sacred Healing) is the temporary home for all things blog hop, while my Jay Cassels site is being renovated. As the Wheel turns once again, it is my turn to host the reigns; and alongside the fabulous Sharron Basanti, who is getting ready to host her own during this cycle; we’ve decided to mix and match with two themes. However, as is the way with me and with my cards, I have ended up with three different decks. The Gay Tarot, The Gaia Tarot and Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley.



Interviewing the Tarot…


The fun part of this cycle has been, being able to just sit here, and using Voice typing has made this so much easier, as well as being able to do my other work as well, simply because I’m not having to worry about typing and thinking, I can just actually read the cards. The funniest aspect is editing, as my accent creates very wyrd and wonderful sentences, like Cloud Urine, in place of Cloudy Hands.



Anyway, moving on; let’s have a ‘wee’ look at what’s happening within the cards. I am going to give focus on The Gay Tarot first, this deck has thrown out the Two of Coins; A really interesting one for me because, it actually reminds me of the Tai Chi and Chi Kung work that I’m do. This natural posture is almost akin to cloudy hands (or cloudy urine, which was what the voice typing picked up).



However, this card, the two of coins; is really interesting because, the more I give it focus the more it’s almost saying “be decisive” but at the same token “be mindful”, this is a card about reaction and response. It is a card that shows an action poised and ready to be done, but the posture and expression, give pause as if to wonder, whether it is the right thing. He is almost testing himself, as if looking inwards and watching the thoughts, and action before committing to them. When you think about the 2 of Coins, it is representing yin and yang, the balance of things, which is where we are right now.



The Gaia tarot, is my second deck of this hop and again this card is really curious; not only does it represent me (more on that later) but because it’s the knowledge card and it’s the number 9; it’s again, fascinating because at the moment, I am in that position where I’ve got a lot of knowledge, and it is going to be put to good use, but it’s not knowing how exactly, to put it to use yet. It’s that position of being born ready to move forward, but not getting the chance to move forward.



If you look at the card, there is a lot happening; it’s kind of interesting, look at the facial expression; he’s actually elvan, and the surrounding in the card has the Tree of knowledge, in the background. There are aspects from Celtic mythology, through to Nordic mythology as well if you look at the bottom. When you think about our mythology and traditions, the past, like the present and future are all in balance (mystically speaking) and are very relevant at this time of the year.



The Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley is the last of the three sets I have used. In typical fashion but also in accordance with balance, there are two cards crossing one another. The hanged man, is the third and is a very poignant reminder that just because, things are not literally moving, does not mean that they are in a state of complete and total motionlessness. It is time to see past that allusion and recognise that things and events are actually happening all the time, continually moving forward, constant progression, even when nothing feels like it’s progressing.



Which is the story of the world at the moment, and yet crossing the Hanged Man is the Magus. The Magus is very interesting, because this all about power, knowledge and wisdom. It is all about putting these to use and it’s utilising both science or logic but also utilising that natural magic as well. So, while The Hanged Man slows everything down and the sense of moving forward feels like minimalism, there is still movement and progression in actuality.



To sum up; I find it quite interesting that an eclectic mix of cards and decks, can give such a sense of what is happening around me at this moment. The theme has also been touched upon, particularly the first theme, which dealt with what card in a deck represents us.




Interview with a Tarot Reader…


Over the years of collecting, having readings done, or looking into life (in a manner of speaking) where I am trying to look objectively at a situation, it’s the Hermit card that appears to represent me. The decks can change, the imagery can be as different as the name; for example, look at The Gaia deck, where Knowledge represents The Hermit.



What literally just dropped into my psyche and consciousness there, was that Knowledge and Knowing represent my connection to that place of all possibility a.k.a. Tao, The Akashic Records or The Universal Flow of Life and Energy, where it is possible to access that knowing or knowledge of a situation and have a point of view or answer to hand.



I really do love the fact that my decks all 100+ of them have their own distinct and separate personalities and energies. They are not afraid of saying things as they are; and they are certainly not afraid of telling the truth or ball-busting, they just seem to have this wicked sense of being able to call me out on things and if not me then clients, it is almost as if there is no room for dishonesty any more, everything that is spoken is from the soul to the soul like it or not.



I have had it said this week that I do not function on earth time, or to say it more easily, I am chronologically impaired, I seem to only come into alignment with time and Chronos generally when I need to do earth-based things. Otherwise I seem to exist outside of the normal sense of time and its continuum, which is actually cool, because it gives a perspective on both humans and our world as it is constructed with its limitation and seemingly endless list of what cannot be done.



I tend to be of the thought-form, which is; tell me it can’t be done, once I have finished doing it. Mostly because I have spent most of my time, listening to others telling me, what I can not do, and why I can’t, and yet here I am having, done most of things, that I shouldn’t be able to do.



Thanks for Hopping by and please do leave a comment and make sure to visit my neighbours as well.






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4 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 26: Interview with the Tarot

  • Boglarka

    Jay, thank you so much for this post – it literally resonates with where I am ‘standing’ – progressing in a seemingly stationary way – right now. It just gave me Hope. And I am happy to feel interconnected. Thank you! <3

  • Joy Vernon

    Your choice of decks for this post just makes me laugh! Dreams of Gaia contrasted against the Thoth with the Gay Tarot tossed in for good measure. I love it! The voice software seems to be doing the trick — despite the “Cloudy Urine” upset, you seem to have caught everything and it reads smoothly. If it makes life easier, fabulous! Knowledge is perfect for you! And I think Magus crossing the Hanged Man means that all the magic is internal, focus on the involution that in turn leads to evolution. Thanks for wrangling a great hop!

  • Casper

    Beautiful decks with so much detail going into each card you’ve put up. Thank you for this! It’s lovely. I also love how deep you delve into your personal practice, not all of which I can relate/understand, but I enjoy reading.

  • Ania

    I’m totally with you on the Hanged Man – just because it’s not visibly moving forward, doesn’t mean nothing is happening. I tend to regard the Hanged Man as good thinking (or plotting and scheming) time 😀