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Welcome to the First Tarot Blog Hop of 2019, Morgan Drake Eckstein & Sharron Basanti have the reigns for this hop and asked this:




Your task for this hop is to share your Oddest, Most Interesting, Most Educational associations that you have adapted in your divination practice. Have you discovered yourself reading for circus clowns, disgruntled teenagers, aliens from outer space, or a herd of cats? Entertain and educate us with your favourite story that begins with “One time at the Witch Scout Jubilee…”



There was this one time at Witch Camp…


This week and indeed this month has been all about putting knowledge into actual practise. I have spent the last almost 4 years building up my knowledge base on Traditional Chinese Medicine, from Acupressure/Acupuncture techniques, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Tui-Na and Diet/Nutrition Philosophies but its actually more than that I have been building up my understanding of Tao as well, because asides from The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine or The Huangdi Neijing, Tao is one of the underpinning philosophies in TCM. Although you wouldn’t realise it, this is because Tao represents patterns and associations, well to some extent at least.




Tarot for me is actually always been about associations and patterns. One of the best examples of this is actually held within The Devil card; now common mistake that muggles make is that this card will mean you’ll be possessed… Yeah, I kid you not; many believe that this is the card of possession. If I haven’t heard it once from somewhere I have heard it a bunch of times… Now say what you will about the card, make any associations or interpretations you like, but not once in my 20+ years of working with them has someone suddenly come down with a bad case of pea soup vomit and head spinning… To me it’s a card of excess, limitation and also being bound into contracts that are not always beneficial for the person.





The interesting thing here is how I reached this connection for the card, believe it or not it was through music. I remember one day listening to Enigma – Gravity of Love [circa 2000 – The Screen Behind the Mirror], and the lyric ‘The Path of Excess, Leads to the Tower of Wisdom’ rang out clear and strong. It annoyed me because I knew it was referring to something big, but I couldn’t think what at the time…





Until I remembered the sequence of the cards in the Tarot, The Devil is followed by The Tower, it was at that point I could see the reference clearly, The Devil, represents the excesses and constraints in life, which if not recognised can lead to ruination and from that downfall comes wisdom. However, should we recognise the excesses and wise up, then the path to the tower is not a path to ruination but a path to wisdom, true there still can be perils but with knowledge, there is always a way to navigate them.



Like I said at the start of this… There was this one time at Witch Camp… Thanks for hopping on by and do feel free to leave a comment if you feel inclined. Enjoy the posts from my neighbours and I’ll see you on the next round.



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7 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: 25 – Odd Tarot…

    • Jay Post author

      Took me ages, and multiple times listening to the song. It kept thwacking me in the face like a wet kipper, and then one afternoon while driving, it just clicked.

      I kinda find that happens more so with music that is esoteric in nature 🙂

  • Gael

    The Devil keeps coming up for me at the moment… and at the moment I am struggling to control my gluttony, which I need to do for health reasons. And here is yet another sign. Thank you!

    • Jay Post author

      You are more than welcome Gael; one of the hardest relationships we have is with food and more so when other aspects of our heath are connected to that relationship as well. Gluttony is a tough one and hard to navigate particularly when the head is over ridden by the trigger responses that say we’re hungry. Keep at it and try different methods until one of them works and make sure that you have some kind of support in place as well to help you navigate until you find what works for you and thank you very much for your openness and comment x