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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for October and also welcome to the temporary home for the Jay Cassels blog entry as well for this month. This all down to the site having some cosmic surgery. I look forward to welcoming you and unveiling the changes on the next hop…




For many of us, this is of course in the Pagan and Celtic Wheel of the Year, Samhain; a time when the vale/veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. This month see’s Aisling the Bard, taking the Reigns of Wrangler and posing us this topic “How many of Us See Spirit in How Many Different Ways”. If you have visited my hops before then you’ll know they are either lengthy or to a point. Last month circumstances were not in my favour and both of my entries were short, sharp and virtually on point. Whereas this month, I am as it stands 25 days ahead of myself. This means I can give the hop some time and some length, seeing as the Spirit and Tarot connection is a pretty big one for me.



This month sees me working with two decks for this entry, The Tarot of Reincarnation Created by Massimiliano Filadoro; which is an unconventional deck in that it has 79 Arcana, however I am only working with 3 of the cards from the deck. As has been my way over the last few hops, I try to showcase at least one of my 100+ decks per hop; yet as soon as I opened and scanned in the images I had to go find another deck, and the one that found its way into my hands was the DC Justice League Tarot Deck, again another unconventional if not slightly gimmicky. So let’s see what both of these decks have to say for themselves…


Already I am tapping into the Collective and The Energies from the All That Is for direction on this, what I mean by this I will explain between decks. However, let’s see what I can divine from this selection…



IV is The Emperor, to me this would be a bird of prey such as the Hawk or Falcon, both to me a regal bird, filled with poise, dedication but are at the same time ruthless in their kill. This is a bird poised and ready for flight, however this is neither a card or spread that belongs with me directly, but rather the energies at play within the world at the moment. There is a sense of waiting, a poignant pause while the hunters and the prey both decide their next move.



5 of Clubs, after a bit of research to jog my memory seem to have connections to the Suit of Wands, however I acknowledge that the consummate seasoned Tarot pro may have their own interpretation, which is groovy and I am completely open to you sharing your thoughts on this in the comments. That is the one thing about Tarot, no one is wrong, its how you as the individual have learnt to work with them and inspired to make connections, so just as I know from my experience, you know from yours. However, back to the point! This 5 is bothersome, this could easily be a Dung-Beetle or one of that family, and while Dung is good fertiliser – it can also be a minding to watch out for the stuff that makes fertiliser possible and sadly there is a little too much of that around in the world at this moment…



I, which is of course The Magician, or in this case a Simian, which is part of the Ape family. The interesting thing about this card is that I am reminded of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, although I find this is more about the Origins of Tarot, and its connection to Spiritual Communication, Divination and Oracular Visions. Something I am hoping that the next deck will expand upon.



Although before we touch upon that, I did say I would explain a bit about what I meant about The Collective and The All That Is. I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, considering that this has been quite a detailed and long entry already, what you may find that I do with this is start it in this entry and when you visit Sacred-Healing, you’ll find the conclusion of it; let’s see how this goes and we’ll take it from there.



When I started learning to work with Tarot, I began with the 1JJ or IJJ Swiss Tarot, as it was a French language deck, I did not know many of the Tarot names, so I learnt to sense and trust in the vibes that the cards gave me, which for a lot of the time contradicted the written meanings. Even when I started to get English decks, like Tarot of the Witches (a version featured in Live and Let Die) and then Mythic Deck followed by The Dragon Tarot, I still stuck to the intuitive knowledge that I received from the cards, rather than anything that was written down.



So let’s leave that there, and I will pick up that thread in my other blog post across on Sacred-Healing, let’s move on the Justice League Tarot from DC Comics. Another unusual set of cards that are based around the DC comic universe, the draw back of these cards is that they to some degree rely on you being a comic fan and follower of the DC universe. Thankfully, where I have Gaps; my hubby is able to fill them in as he knows his comics, like I know my Tarot…


Okay so The Empress is Poison Ivy, interestingly the character isn’t that motherly but does have a connection albeit a twisted one to the Earth and Nature herself. So it makes sense as to why she is showing up at the moment, because there is this skewed sense of entitlement, and making everyone responsible for the sins of the few by telling even those that are oblivious that we are responsible for these sins. Right now it is not a safe place to identify or have a view point that differs from the en-masses, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, because if you differ from the tides of opinion on social media, you’re a pariah and social media outcast, suddenly trolled for speaking out or attempting to be a voice of reason within the unreasonable.



Ivy is stating that the crown is laying uneasy and that nature, the true forme of nature will begin to rear its head and that we’ll see those that cast aspersions for who the really are. I somehow doubt that when this occurs it will be all rainbows and roses, more like 5 of Clubs and its beetles… The Joker, adopts the mantle of The Tower, so watch out as everything comes down and truths (such as we see them) are laid bare. The trouble with The Joker like The Tower is once the fertiliser is let loose, there is nothing to do but ride out the storm that comes with it – A bit like this post – Brainiac is the Eight of Swords, this is not a character I am completely familiar with, I do know that it/he has featured in a fair few stories for Superman, Batman and the League itself. This is a power card, and ultimately in this deck much of the distractions around right now are about who gains and who gets power while we’re separated ad distracted from the whole.



Sinestro, represents the Ace of Swords, now this is a character that I have only briefly known. He popped up in a saga that I followed to do with the Lantern Corps; and towards the end when the Corps went through powerful and turbulent change, he became wielder of the Yellow Lantern Ring. The one thing about this card and the character alike is that they are both a bit on the megalomaniac side. Different to the Eight of Swords, because even though the Eight is turbulence, it brings in change of one form or another. The Ace just is about power, and the fact in this case it corrupts absolutely. So the core issue here is that we have powerful people in positions that have corrupted them completely and there is a sense that we can only watch while the systems implode.



The rest of how I connect to the world of spirit and tarot is over on my other post, because it picks up the journey to where my work has taken me now. This entry has been fun to do, and I love the interplay of what is out there in our world at the moment, my sense of things tells me that this coming wheel of the year will certainly be one to keep a watch on, as many of the systems and the ways of power are feeling like they are being brought to a head. Time to hop on by to another entry. Hope you have got something out of this one, assuming you made it to the end.




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