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Welcome to Sacred Healing, home to my second blog, which has a focus on the holistic, the healing and also at times the more personal and person centred approach towards life and indeed my work. My other site aptly named Jay Cassels has a more focus on my spiritual, mystical and in some way oracular approach to the different kinds of work that I do, this is more about healing, which is my primary focus. I guess at some point I listened not to myself but others wisdom and instead of trying to apply it, I acted and reacted without really thinking things through, which created two websites as I really wanted to devote time to healing as well as give time to gaining recognition, but not in the ego-based, look at me; but rather in the this is what I am able to do.



This months sees the Pagan/Celtic Wheel of the Year begin its new cycle with Samhain, which is the Pagan New Year. A potent time of closure, healing and also new beginnings and new directions; it sees the Veil between this World and the places where all possibility exists grow thin, inviting those that have passed on before us to walk forward with the Ancestors, Angels, Arch Angels to sit with us in Sacred Space and once more impart their wisdom, understanding and love. Aisling the Bard, posed the question that asked how we connect Spirit and the Tarot. Something that I touched on over on my post: A Megalomaniac, The Empress and A Monkey, Walk into The Tower



In this post I plan to pick up and conclude the thread that I started on that post, as well as look at 2 decks in relation to the question. One deck is a companion or predecessor of the Justice League Tarot used on the post I mentioned above, and the other is an old friend of mine; Osho Zen Tarot, so I am looking forward to discussing the topic using these guys very shortly. However, let’s kick off this entry by picking up and concluding the thread I started on A Megalomaniac, The Empress and A Monkey, Walk into The Tower


Briefly let’s recap just on the off chance that this post ends up coming before the other one, which given the nature of these hops could well happen… I spoke on the other post of learning to read the Tarot intuitively. This was because when I got my first deck it was the 1JJ or IJJ Swiss Tarot, a deck that is in a different language and one to make things far more interesting I failed as school! So many of the card names were in French and although I attempted to make sense of the book and the cards together, I eventually put down the book and began to literally read the cards. I know now that I am a visual learner first and audio followed by text come next in that order, so I would watch the cards literally dance like moving pictures in front of me, while Dad and Mum only saw static images. One of my first ever predictions came true 20 years later, when I was aged 36. However at the age of 16, I didn’t really appreciate the gravity of saying to dad, that you have the death card but I think that means changes; but we’ll get to that one in a little moment.



Over the cycles and years, I collected Tarot and then Oracle cards until today my collection stands at over 100 various decks, ageing from late 30’s through to early 2017. One of the earliest forms of divination I have in my collection is a deck of playing cards with meanings written in pen along the side of each card. I have featured several of my decks in these hops over the course, and I have barely touched the surface of the collection in doing so. Each deck an extension of not only my stage in working with cards, but also the diversity of my psyche as well to some degree. Yet, I find myself coming back to the one or two special decks time after time, after time.



The spiritual aspect of my work started to appear around the same time as I learnt to work with the cards. However the places that I went to learn about the spiritual were not keen on me having the tarot side. In fact over the course of the decades until I truly learnt to trust in the All That Is, I frequently challenged and was in turn met with challenge when I stood up and stated my belief that the Tarot was just as much a valid form of interpreting as listening to and seeing images within the 3rd Eye, however you can’t truly argue with stupid as it will always have a dumb answer to every valid point you make, so eventually I stop trying.


As the collection grew, so did my ability and confidence. I eventually branched out into business, and had a small shop in the city; it would still to this day be running if it hadn’t been for the ever increasing scale of the rent. To paint a quick picture, try adding £100 or 100$ every week starting around the £250 or 250$ mark. Sooner or later you either break even or find yourself in a position of closing doors and moving on, a choice I don’t to this day regret. As the shop serviced another purpose, it brought to light just how dark and dank a place I was also involved with while learning about my spiritual gifts. I was told in no uncertain terms that my line of work – meaning reading card etc – had no place in the hallowed halls of a Spiritualist Church, even though it is perfectly okay for the visiting medium to use Cord, Ribbon and Oracle cards to demo on that evening… Let that hypocrisy sink in for a moment, while we progress forward…



Welcome to the next stage of my development, the Wiccan/Pagan path – see I crossed paths after a very turbulent 18 months away from home with a really awesome mentor for that time. She got me grounded, open to the ways of the old gods as well as open to my own path. Part of that was my own sense of identity, which at the end of the day was the reason behind never becoming a member of that particular coven, which as it turns out was meant to be. There was sudden change and I was once again out on my own, but this time something brilliant happened. I was brought back into the Spiritual Circles but for a reason, to forward my path! You see I was sent back in order to meet a visiting medium, who didn’t care if I read cards or divined the ways of the gods. She was interested in me, and opened the door to my platform work, which at the same time rekindled the spark of healing in the form of Reiki, Angelic Reiki as well as opening the door to Holistic Healing with Crystal therapy as well as Holistic Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine.



So what does this all have to do with the Tarot and the blog hop? Well let me conclude by explaining, these doors that have opened and the connections that have linked all stem from Tarot but also from the connection that I have with the All That Is and The Collective. To explain what these are, its basically we’re all connected, Humans have a collective unconscious; we have knowledge and understanding that extends back to the beginning of Human kind. This collective is awareness but not sentience, so we sense and have awareness of the powerful eddies and energies that bind us together, the All That Is, can be understood as the Divinity, Christ Consciousness, God, Goddess, Allah, it has many names but it is The One Being. The All Father, The All Mother, it is Source. This sentient energy that is everything in the universe and apart of the known and unknown Cosmos, doesn’t mind if we as humans don’t believe in it; at the end of the day once we cease to be in bodies, we’ll know one way of another what happens after this incarnation.



Deep stuff! Tarot connects us on so many levels, it is oracular vision, science, it is spiritual and it is factual it depends on how we individually view it from our experience. So lets move into the cards for this post, first up are a set of cards from DC Vertigo Tarot; now these are one of my favourites. They speak to me not because of the character representations, as to be honest there are only maybe a couple of them that I know, but its the images and the language that we have built up since I got them something like a decade ago now.


Queen of Swords, well this is ruthlessness given a name! I am not a fan of the Queen of Swords at all, she reminds me of all the qualities in people I don’t have time for, and in fairness this card reminds me of several bosses that have either taken a dislike to me, or I have taken a dislike to them. There is something underhanded about this card, and its one to mindful of. So where ever in your life you are right now dearest reader, be mindful of this queen, as drama and diva-ship are not far behind them.



Five of Wands; well it could be worse! Put it this way where the Queen is concerned, your not going to have long to wait before it all comes out! This is a truth will out kind of card, and where these cards are meeting, the truth is certainly getting heard, vocally and not really much getting held back. With the Nine of Cups nestled in at the side of the Five, well it was most likely for the best all of it came out, and you certainly know where things stand now. So that is something on the plus side at least, the nine is also a good energy card, so the atmosphere will be better that is for sure.



Then there is the Queen of Wands, this is a potential energy kind of card. The sense of things from this one, well is one of time to move on, time to up the game and also time to assert dynamic flow, if you want out, want change, want progression tap into that potent energy or divine femininity, regardless of actual gender! This is the instinctive and swift elegance of subtle strength, you don’t need to roar to make change, be clever and have stealth because that way, when you make your move, yours is the better position.



Let’s not waste too much time between decks and move directly into the counterbalance to DC Vertigo, by having a look at a quick three card Osho Zen Tarot. This is in essence all about flow, spiritual energy and learning to just be. Almost like casting a stone into the calm lake and watching how the ripples move…


Its quite astounding how these cards sums up the nature of working with spiritual flow, Guidance is offered to those that listen; names are not important; it is sometimes not necessary to name a thing in order to work with its energy. We know already that we take that neutral energy to the place that is either the best in us or the worst in us. When it is for the best, we see goodness, light, positive flow. When we take it to the worst, then we see darkness, nasty, negative or challenges to our flow. To be in the worst place, we are drained, without hope and to be in the best place, we have life, we have energy and we are brave enough to make the challenges our friend and our best possible outcome.


Change (X) and Completion (XXI) – Two cards that sum up this hop for me; on the one hand its been a nice hop, being able to take you on a mini journey of my life as both a spiritual person and also the very human person. It have been lovely to show and tell you about the cards, but from the point of view of reading them for the people that visit this hop instead of for myself. It takes a huge amount of trust to put that out there you know. It also takes a huge amount of being open to conclude a piece that I mentioned in the paragraphs above, where I told you that I would touch on Dad and the Death card…



So as I mentioned I gave that prediction to Dad when I was 16, and 20 years later, I was walking him to the veil between this life and the next. In the void of all possibilities, you come to recognise just how amazing it is to have life. There was no way that 16 year old me was to know that within 10 years of that prediction Dad would become ill with a terminal condition that we’ve come to know as MSA (Multiple System Atrophy), there was no way to even prepare 26 year old me to recognise that over the course of the following 10 years, each system of Dad would slowly and quietly begin to shut down. There was no way to even prepare 30 year old me to become a full time primary care giver alongside mum.



It is only now, at 43 I see that prediction as a foreshadow of what was to come. I began at the start of the healing process to blame 16 year old me for reading the cards, the blamed 26 year old me for not seeing the prediction as a portent of things to come, I held 30 year old me to account for not learning or using Spiritual Healing in place of going to college and learning to built, repair and understand computers, when he should have started learning Reiki and working miracles. I then forgave 36 year old me, for doing the right thing and letting go, allowing myself the chance of being in that place with dad, saying farewell and coming home. I healed myself, forgave myself and in that moment found myself again.



Since that moment, I have found that strength to trust in the healing process, believe that all things are possible, you just need to stop trying to make them happen and let them happen. Discovering just how deeply connected to everything I actually am, has opened me up to being able to receive information from the Akashic Records, which in turn has deepened the connection to the Tarot in ways I don’t even think I could put words to. By healing myself, and thereby becoming able to help and heal others, I have deepened the connection to the collective, and Source.



Thank you so much for stopping by this entry on the hop. Do feel free to leave a comment, assuming that you have managed to get to the end of my entry and you know what, its perfectly fine if you gave up and came back later, it was most likely meant to be that way. Take care and thanks again for stopping by.




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