Tarot Blog Hop 20: Walking the High Wire (Balancing Eggs and Plates) / Balancing the Unbalanced 8




Hi there and welcome to the second of my blogs, normally I like to spend some time and make this a more healing journey, but today in not being favourable to me, so sadly this one will be short and to the point. Still on healing but it is using what I call the 21 card or single card spread. Except I have learnt to include the discarded Fool card as well as the one that has been dealt.





This is the card that was dealt, 7th card was my choice, based on the fact I am 43 so I added the two numbers together and dealt to the 7th card. It is really interesting because this is the second time Justice has appeared, it crops up as part of my other post. In this one Justice is saying similar things to what its counterpart, in that this world, the people and all that belong here are in need of balance, in need of healing but there is a strong sense of needing their pound of flesh as well; a dangerous mix at this time all things considered, so it is one to watch. We seem to be in essence waking up to the way our world is behaving and challenging what is no longer acceptable.





This too is interesting because this is nature working her magic and also the cosmos, or father sky taking an active interest in things now. Its like the oh gods and the gods are waking up from their slumber and actually calling into action those that are gifted. Not to stand up, take charge but to enact upon their gifts and start the healing process within the people themselves as that is how balance and healing are done. Small, carefully and with caring.



Indeed another short and sharp one, next time around providing I have climbed down and got my sanity back I will aim to have a longer more prepared one for you. Meanwhile hop on by and say hello to the others on this round.



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8 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 20: Walking the High Wire (Balancing Eggs and Plates) / Balancing the Unbalanced

    • Jay Post author

      Ah! Thanks Aisling, I just wish I had been able to give them both the time and energy they deserved but Friday and the lead up to Friday has been less than kind to me.

    • Jay Post author

      Most of the 100+ decks I have in my care come from all kinds of places and shops; some are pre-loved and some are brand new. I still have my original IJJ Swiss Tarot Deck that I got on my 16th Birthday, has wonderful silly but also sad memories attached to it.

    • Jay Post author

      Hehehehe, it was a hellva nasty day and all my plans literally escaped out the window taking time with it. I absolutely refuse to pull out of a Hop once I have committed even if time does go awry but sadly it tends to reflect in how and what gets posted. Decided that for the next one as soon as the sheet is up, I am writing it on that day.

  • kim

    Both very appropriate cards for this day and this time. Love the simplicity of these images. What deck are you drawing from? (So sorry if you said and I overlooked it.)