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It that time again, where we all gather around our computers and websites, feverishly typing to the last second… If your new to all of this then you may wonder to what I am referring, and as the seasoned professionals know all to well, its time for the Tarot Blog Hop. This one is the MidSummer/Lammas, the fabulous MC; Arwen Lynch Poe has set the theme as “The Sun Harvest: What end of summer harvest do you want to bring in before fall?“.



I’ve found that recently I have needed to challenge the way in which I work, so I started looking for different decks that speak not only to me on the personal level but also to the wider collective level as well. The deck that stood out this time, was unusual not only because of it’s title ‘The Enchanted Map’ by Colette Baron-Reid, but also the imagery that it conjures.



I find there are times when I work with blind readings, to set an intention and other times it is wise to allow the cards to fall as they may. This time around it is just that kind of hop, by simply allowing the way of Tao to let the cards fall as they may. There are four cards presented and until now I have no idea what they are, and I am literally falling short of time as well!





Follow the Leader; this just screams both caution and also promise, caution because it is unwise to just follow blindly without checking in with the higher self and also promise, because to follow one’s own gut and trust in that answer, can lead to awesome things. At this time as the wheel turns towards Autumn/Spring (depending on where you are) and the harvest is a time for reaping as the mirror of that is to plant and sow, this is very much about timing and placement, in many ways this is a time we start to find out what is what.





Dragon’s Lair; well this is quite a curious one, because on the one hand the mythical Dragon can be a powerful and protective beast, just as much as it can bite and chew on the hand that has fed it. Perhaps it is time to treat ourselves and others with some compassion, a lair doesn’t need to be a frightening place, it can be a cosy and welcoming place as well, a place where we can heal and perhaps this is a good time to heal as we reap what has been sown over these last months, how far do you think you on the personal & professional levels have come?




Typically I avoid bringing my personal side to this piece, but I think because I am both a healer and seer; I relate to this one and it feels right to share this piece. This is a relevant one for me right now as this card represents not being able to see what has been accomplished. I have recently completed my teachers certificate as well as my instructor’s for Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chinese Massage, but I don’t see this or have taken stock because I am already feeling like it is time to move on and make sure that I have the next piece of this puzzle, the sense it that time is indeed of paramount important but and this is why I have shared this experience, in moving on and moving ahead at speed, it can feel like nothing is being appreciated or accomplished and in a sense it becomes a bit like stuck in the mud, because although there is progress, it is not seen in the right now moment, because it is for the future, which the moments not yet manifest.





Magic Stream; This is quite a nice card to end this one on, its almost a bit like acceptance and going with the flow, true there are no obstacles on the surface but then there can be unseen currents, eddies and blockages underneath, however water, much like energy finds a way to overcome those unseen things, it just is. I suppose that this is very much how things can be for us, just be and allow the flow to do its thing, as the more we try to tamper, adjust or impede the flow of causal nature and the cosmos, the more we just create our own problems that have no need to be in our space.




As is the way of things, we’ve reached the end of this piece for the Blog Hop, thanks for hopping this way and if you feel inclined please do leave me a comment, just remember that my site uses WordPress and Customizr, both of these might wish to collect some basic user stats, in accordance with these new privacy rules and regs, I just wanted you to know that this might happen, so if your good with that then I look forward to your comment, and if your uneasy about it, then it has been nice to share space with you for a little while.




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