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Goodness! Is it that time again, where we all gather around our computers and websites, feverishly typing to the last second. If your new to all of this then you may wonder to what I am referring, and as the seasoned professionals know all to well, its time for the Solstice Tarot Blog Hop. This one is an unofficial-official sequel to the anniversary blog hop, in which the fabulous Mistress of Ceremonies and Cats; Joy Vernon has opened up the blog-hop-is-sphere to be inspired by the song “Don’t Fence Me In” as you’ll discover later in this hop, I have already done a universal take on this one, so now I am looking at it from a different perspective.



I’ve found that recently things on the Tarot/Oracle front are changing, pretty much keeping pace with the changes happening around me at the moment. Where I had planned to finish with Dreams of Gaia, I have now been called to bring out the I-Ching and Tao Stones. So that will be an interesting blind scan – if you don’t know that means, its fine as I will take a moment to explain it nearer that point. Okay so where am I taking this entry, to be honest, no idea this is literally a blind blog entry. I am sitting down, being open and seeing what happens.



I have some idea of where it is starting because I have three oracle cards from the Crystal Oracle deck already pre-scanned and ready to be added, so that is where I am starting but after that, its anyone guess, the I-Ching and Tao stones have never been called into my service since I received them and yet here we are on the Solstice and they’ve woken up to be in service. So let’s get this started, by looking at the three Oracle cards from the Crystal Oracle Deck, from the perspective of releasing and healing…



Right away we’re launched into the clearance and release through Kynite, normally colour wouldn’t play much of a factor in this but there is relevance in the colours this time. Blue Kynite is very throat centred, removing the communication barriers, helping speak the truth of a situation as well as restoring confidence. Now interestingly if it is Green Kynite, then its heart healing. The focus isn’t on the love aspect but more the forgiveness but of the self and then out to others, very personal stone is Kynite. Black is the grounding stone, really roots you to the moment. This is sometimes needed for those that have a very high vibe, as we forget that our body is just as important as our connection, and thankfully Kynite is good at both.



Amulet Stone or Thunder Egg, can also be considered Marble or Agate. Either way this is the protection stone, keeps the hearth and home safe from a lot of different wild energies that are doing the rounds at the moment. Keeping this one near the door or a pocket just deflects a lot of what ills us. Its a curious and silent type, more a watcher and doing type of stone than one of communication, connection and explanation; I guess think of it like the good doctor or hero of the piece, “I’ll explain later”.



Amethyst, its the healer and seer; its vibe can be intense and deep. The smaller the piece the more potency it has, bigger pieces don’t always do the job as they are trying to heal all, instead of healing locally (i.e. the person). Although if its being used as part of a global healing grid, then yes! Bigger is better. My sense here is that we’re dealing with the release and healing on the local and personal levels.



Okay, so lets call on the Tao Stones first. The way these guys work is that you have one Yin stone and one Yang stone. So first lets see what these are; Yang – Yang. It’s very much two Yang’s won’t make things right. Yang’s balance is Yin, but when there is too much Yang, there is imbalance, to much masculine, too much force; this builds and becomes violence because there is nothing to temper the wild or the storm. The proverb is “Soldiers to a minister are like ants to a boy” in other words be the control not the controlled, because too much Yang energy is not always a bad thing, it just depends on how it is used because eventually Yang will surrender and allow Yin to become balance.



So now let’s look at the I-Ching and see what is has to say for itself. So the I-Ching works by first selecting with the Right hand, which gave me Gen and then select with the Left hand, which bore the fruits of Sun. The Trigram as you see is called Sun-Gen, its numerical value is 53 (an 8! significance in itself) and the card meaning is Progress. I’ve added that below alongside a commentary of the meaning and conclusion, but yes! Interesting times, which can be a curse, an insult or a blessing purely depending on how you understand the lore of I-Ching and Tao.



Progress is certainly apt at this point! So much change, which is the nature of Tao and causality. Nothing has permanence, which is why manifestation has so much potency when understood and used correctly. At this time with such potent and new energy arrive with this solstice, it is very much the end of some old cycles, but I do sense that there is as always resistance to change, and you know what they say about that!



Well thanks for hopping on by, its been interesting. Just remember that if you are leaving me some comments, which are welcome. My site is powered by WordPress and Cumstomizr, and it may choose to collect data (i.e. your name, email and comment), if you are happy to allow that then brilliant look forward to your comment, if not then I totally get it and thanks for hopping by.




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5 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 18: Seventh Wonder (Crystal Visions)

    • Jay Post author

      You are welcome <3 It has sat on the shelf for some time and been very silent, but this last 12/24 hrs it came to life and practically pushed the others out the way as if to say its my turn.

  • Boglarka Kiss

    This was brilliant, Jay, thank you so much for sharing! It is also a reinforcement for me – you will not believe but I was sleeping with a piece of blue kyanite for a while, then some two weeks ago I changed it to a black one. I was using the blue one to heal chronic ear-inflammation I have had since last December, and I must say kyanite works perfectly! Then I felt healed and I also felt the necessity of grounding myself while sleeping, so I still have this lovely black one next to my pillow – also works fine. 🙂 So there is synchronicity with your post, thank you again and have a lovely Summer Solstice! O:)

    • Jay Post author

      I do love when synchronicity happens like that. Crystals like Tarot and everything else are something I have a deep passion for. So I thought that since the decks were clamouring for attention. why not combine my passions and post them. Goes to show that it was for a reason. Thank you so for much for commenting <3