Tarot Blog Hop 17: Who Teaches the Teacher? 3




Tarot Blog Hop: Who Teaches the Teacher?



Firstly before I say anything else, I am really sorry to my fellow TBHer’s. This months round has fallen at the same time our holiday celebrating our 2nd anniversary. I’m designated driver and our journey is a long one up to Dundee in Scotland. So this is the first time I have ever scheduled my post. So I won’t be able to edit my links until Wednesday.


Morgan Drake Eckstein set this month’s topic in which he posed us this idea: What lesson I can (could) teach the world…, which in all honesty has all the hall-markings of synchronicity at work.



I had my own reading done on Tuesday passed and in it this subject appeared. The idea of becoming a trainer/teacher is something that I have flirted before, I have taught development, Reiki, Angelic Reiki but also recently I have taught an Introduction to Crystals and last week as well an introduction to the Runes, but it got me thinking about who taught me…



Truthfully, no-one taught me how to do any of this, I had to go out and figure this out on my own. However to say that no one taught me isn’t accurate, I got given plenty of help from the Commonality or the Collective, Upstairs also gave me a huge push in the right direction as well, although these days I tend to work with Source directly, but I have been told I have a team up there as well.



So while no one physically taught me, I was getting taught at the same time. In recent years I have found that I have been given the chance to learn from some amazing souls. They have taught me about healing, massage and also about other things as well. Now it looks as if I am about to embark on a my teaching training certificate, so that people with the keen interest that I had, might finally find someone who can help them find their path.



Thank you for stopping by! I am sorry that this has been a short one this time around. It is partially holiday/anniversary timing but also in part because I have no idea if the whole scheduling will work, it is the first time I have tried it…



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3 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 17: Who Teaches the Teacher?

  • Joy Vernon

    Yes, who teaches the teacher! I am self-taught in a lot of things. But even when we learn from a teacher, I think it is our pursuing, our practice, our extracurricular work that really gets us there. All teaching is reduced to desire for learning!

  • Boglarka Kiss

    As clear and loving as you are, Jay, this writing has been so honest and humane, yes, it is so true, one step follows the other and there is not even a road to learning something, the road is learning itself. For me, the biggest Masters are sentences from wise people. My Tarot Master was different, though – he was a wonderful one. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!