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Hello and welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for March 2018; this month it’s my turn to hold the Tarot Baton of Wrangling. Since this is a special anniversary hop, I listened to the muses (and the others in this awesome group) and set us this really lively topic… 



“If you hadn’t already guessed it, we have a musical theme to this hop; naturally my instinct was to break out my copies of Singin’ in the Rain, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Grease, but then what about Chicago, Wizard of Oz and West Side Story? Dare we resurrect Annie or Sweeney Todd? Do you have a habit for Sister Act? … As this is the 50th post, I’d like you to throw open the switches, chop up the dentist, step up the reactor three more points and slide down that banister, in true Magenta style … Unleash your inner Gleek and stand on the balcony and sing for forgiveness as you explore your relationship with Tarot and Music… Below are some suggestions for how you can do this…”



To quote my mama-sita; “March has come in like a Lion” and the energy that has been wrapping around not only the run up to the Tarot Blog Hop, but this year itself has been very active for everyone it seems. At the time of writing this (Saturday 17th), I am preparing for my working holiday, south of the border at an important a training day. So as you can imagine there are bags, clothes and everything else, everywhere and sadly I had to sacrifice doing my usual for the hops and have the individual cards for the reading. However I still managed to be the blind reading, which has become the norm in many ways. The hop for this month is really special because it is our anniversary, 50 posts! Which is why I decided it had to be something unique and different. Which is one of the many reasons why I have two posts as well. If you haven’t friended me through the group then it really won’t make much sense as to why this is a big deal. However that is part of this post, so you’ll learn why as it develops.



I decided to change my deck for this posting; I haven’t actually used this one before as I only bought it a little while ago, so I am interested to see what comes out. The name of the deck is The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor, also I decided that I would use some accompanying music as well so in the background I am playing Zen Relaxation by Arnd Stein. I think setting like music plays a very important role when we’re working. For one it puts our clients at ease but it also is an awesome secret time keeper, plus it also speaks at the soul level to both reader and client as well. So I am as always listening to the muses all around me as I delve into this reading



Unlike my other post where I linked music to the chakras and the cards, which yes was ambitious but fun to attempt. This one is slightly more sedate and easier to follow. Yes I will look at the cards, but not at the same level of detail or intensity as the other post. In this post the cards are more part of a manuscript, the layout is the orchestra and I am somewhere between the conductor, musician and audience listening to the music being played.



I guess this way of doing it keeps things that little more simple for me, but also as a writer I am able to feel, sense and explore how I write for the hops, because I can feel within myself that I am searching for a new style or perhaps rather than a new style, find a more honest and authentic voice that feels right for me at this stage in my development. It really comes down the acceptance of my differences rather than trying to fight against them to either be accepted or even unnoticed.





Let me draw your attention back to the above for a moment. I stumbled across this table cloth at a local holistic fayre and was instantly taken by it, the design is as some of you may recognise the tree of life from the Kabbalah as well as the Tor’ah. When I personally work with the spread from memory I work from the root to the tip of the tree, working the foundations and then up and out the branches until I reach the very top of the foliage. However I noticed that in this one it works down the tree from the very top branches into the roots and concluding at the heart or centre of the tree, which to me is original.



Today as well as being inspired by my muses, I am putting out the question “What is happening around me just now that folks are feeling challenged by my words, and in turn why does this make me feel challenged.” It really is a complete curve ball and a new one to me, as I don’t ever recall finding myself having to watch what I am saying and then second guess it, not a good place to be when your in a position of having clients and certainly not a good position to be adopting when I am about to head on a 5h+ train journey for training. So let’s have a look at this song and see what plays out…





I found it really interesting how that even with this set of cards the light and energy just seemed to be in the way of the camera taking some decent shots. I noticed that in this set compared to the other one, there are even double images appearing and believe I justified this by saying shaky camera, I moved my feet and so on and so forth, but at the end of the day; my stance was solid, my breath steady and the zoom perfectly adjusted, so this was energy regardless of how you want to view or attach names to it…





A quick scan of the cards from the time and overview of what I am receiving now as I sit with this again, its powerful stuff happening here, and a shirt load of shifting going on within the reading and also within me directly even as I sit with this energy. I also notice that there are forces, scrolls and keys as well as the major cards throughout the reading as well. This just in overview tells me that this isn’t light, fluffy or even airily fun. This deck like the other one has thrown out cards that mean business.



In the traditional/classic decks, in the major deck the 10 is usually a version of The Wheel of Fortune, in this its The Light of the World. The wheel for me means that things change, events in motion and doorways in essence are opening, which means its time to pass through and move onward. In many respects that is what this card is also showing, the guardian at the gateway; the hand beckoning to pass through, welcoming the possibility of change, meanwhile there is the young man and the cat through the window, a sort of reflection and knowing look of acknowledgement that this is all for a reason. In this first position of the spread, its the start of a journey, and time to herald in both the new and old to work together.



Archangel Gabriel and Beith or Birth, beside each other and within the positions of Personal Question and Challenges respectively. Well AA Gabriel is not only known as the Heavenly Awakener but the energy of AA Gabriel connects to creation, aspirations, dreams, vision and communication. I get that I am coming into my voice and the energy of AA Gabriel is helping to bring to life my vision (more on that towards the end of this post). Beith/Birth, within Challenges; when has any birth gone smoothly, there is always something that happens to present a challenge and in this case its putting to bed old fears, old habits, healing the past to ensure that the present and towards what will be, becomes as solid as I envision it to be.



Gain, Look out for/Be aware of and Be thankful for what you have; these three cards: The Scribe (Gain), The Akashic Field (Be Aware) and Paths Unknown (Be Thankful), are certainly casting up some interesting energy. The Scribe is bringing in teaching, mentoring and also writing, all of which seem to be a form of gain from not only this training but this journey. The Akashic Field, I get the sense that this is also putting to bed some old stuff from the past that most likely hasn’t been fully resolved, the sense I have from the card isn’t so much a warning but guidance to suggest awareness of what needs to be healed and and resolved. Paths Unknown, well I said it above and I am saying it again, this is some interesting energy being caste up here.



With Paths Unknown its suggesting that accepting change and embracing that which is both the known and the unknown can be a blessing. You just have to know how to navigate them. The last of the triumvirates, Love/Harmony, Communication and Karma, have The Queen (Love) and The King (Communication) of Scrolls plus The Architect (Karma), which is the 1 of Keys, showing a very interesting dynamic. The Queen / King relationship is just exactly what has been happening this week in terms of Love and Communication, they are really important for any form of relationship be it friendship or love to thrive and grow. As for the Architect in Karma, I could have fallen of my seat, at that very moment. It’s shouting loudly at me about being the architect of my own energy and story. Rather than being a victim of both, its time to sever the cords and take the power and control back from the past deeds and seriously time to start shaping the future.



Which leads me on and into the last two cards, The Treasure and On Track; The treasure is once again point out how important the Home plays in the events to come, it looks like this will be where I am based or else somewhere very close to it. As for On Track, well I think that pretty much speaks for itself and also acts as a link to what I was alluding to earlier in the post.



Over the last year perhaps more now, I have discovered that my focus is becoming more about working holistically with a view to whole body healing, meaning the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even the soul level. Whether that is through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Western Massage or through platform and card work its all about bringing healing in. It’s a new way of looking at things to a degree because mainly the psychic arts, the ways of an oracle and even the ways of Shinto and The Shaman having be relegated to either needing to be borne into that world or needing to have someone in the know that introduces you to it. These arts are no longer in the mainstream unless its commercial, and its not exactly my mission or plan to bring them back into that world but perhaps bringing them more into focus would be a start. Particularly around my own working world than anywhere else, I’m not a global master mind, bent on world peace and healing… yet…



This site (Sacred Healing) and its associated Trademark: The Therapeutic Process® are all part of the healing that I intend to create and offer. I believe that the evolution of work with Tarot, should also be about bringing in healing, resolution and progression. I believe that it is something that most of us are working towards whether knowingly or not, but I guess that regardless of the lighter side and the fun not so serious side, I believe I am tired of the cards and the art of reading them being taken lightly by those who don’t see the value.





Thank you for joining me on this round of the Tarot Blog Hop, your comments, questions or points of view whether agreeing or wishing to shout me down will be received warmly and replied to as soon as I can. Please feel free to use either set of links to visit my awesome friends on this round; Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous, who you may have just come from and Ania M of Meniscus Tarot, who is up next.




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6 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 16: The Musical! – Celebrating 50 Hops

  • Ania

    A rather more serious post than I was expecting from our wrangler. If you want to talk to the wind as well as listen, maybe this would make a good accompaniment 😀

    • Jay Post author

      This is lovely Ania, I am still finding my voice on this site. Just listening to the lyrics and find myself going yup. I promise to find my humour again before the next one <3

  • Joy Vernon

    Oh, wow, this is really interesting compared to the previous one. So much darker, more grounded, more color coming out in the cards. But definitely the darkest card at the bottom and the lightest at the top right — and that is true of both spreads/photos. The aura photographer I know says that white patches are guides, so you must have a spirit guide that hangs out on your left (I think that’s correct, unless it’s a mirror reflection) shoulder. Cool!

    • Jay Post author

      It felt like a complete contrast and stronger in some respects compared to the other one. I find that most times when a deck is active I will get at least one or two of them coming forward to offer their assistance. Usually its one of big guys, they do love making use of the tools available particularly when I start my “yes I know” nonsense, because they usually come back with the reply I give with clients “If you knew, then you wouldn’t do it…”

  • Karen Sealey

    Personally I don’t have a problem with people seeing reading as fun,as a lighter approach can often bring a profound insight and I take fun as a serious business… So in my mind taking things lightly does not equate as seeing no value…
    I kind of had the opposite problem with people who thought the cards were the be all and end all and a way to bypass all personal responsibility for their life… I no longer read for a subset of people who have absolute faith in the cards, no respect for my time or craft and who place no value on the choice to be accountable for their own choices and decisions…
    Reading for others is something that can be the best or the worst of experiences and as a reader you have to recognise what feels right and what sucks the joy right out of your soul 🤣

    • Jay Post author

      Love that wisdom! Can totally tell that it comes from a place of been there, seen this and dealt with that. Time to engage with it and put it to good use. Thank you <3