Tarot Blog Hop 06: Moments of Light and Shadow [2019 edit]

… How do you know when it’s time surrender to the flow …



To this day; I keep thinking to myself, it’s fine; in fact, it is perfect, everything will work out and yet here I am 2 years, 9 Months and 8 Days after the February 1, 2017 – the date of the blog hop and boy, am I running late …






Well okay, not really! But on the original date of the Hop, technology did its thing (again)… Which, to help you understand; is it goes mental and all because, I have this love/hate relationship with technology, when it works, and it works amazingly, which is when I love it and when it doesn’t… Well you’ve heard what happened to the dinosaurs…



Whether you are familiar with blog hopping, blogging or if you are just joining in for the first time, then welcome to the chaos, that is and was my contribution, but with an updated 2019 twist, if you like… A hop if you are not familiar with this; it is a group of writers and bloggers coming together on a singular subject and exploring it from their point of view; we then link to one another’s blog (albeit later than originally planned) and thus the hop is birthed (prematurely and late birth for this one… wyrd huh?).



Looking back on the original topic sign up, it was on the topic of the Aces, with the tag “How can I best foster the energy of the Aces in my life?” However, on that night, just like tonight I have the sense that the Oh Gods of Technology and the Delphi Oracles, have other plans…



Even as I sit here in 2019, reflecting and allowing the flow to just take over, I am reminded of the tag for the very first hop, which happened before I joined, but it struck a chord with me tonight; the tag then was “How can I be a better candle?” Feeling into this one and “How can I best foster the energy of the Aces in my life?” I have the sense of the Aces from Tarot of the Lorka, The Major Arcana of H. R. Giger and the Tarot of the Elves, are playing their part.





Like many of the Minor Arcana, the Aces act like they are minor players in the bigger picture, they tend to be sheltered by the Major Cards, but in this one they are centre stage, in forefront playing their part very well. While strictly speaking, the Lorka Tarot Deck, is not designed for divination, they lend themselves very well to the task, and yet in this instance, the Aces are demonstrating that they can hold the boundaries, much like the quarters (North/Earth, South/Fire, East/Air, West/Water).



When you have the Aces present, they remind me of the quarters and the elements; Now here is where it all goes chaotic, which one belongs where? For me I borrow from the Chinese Elements and Western Logic; therefore, Wood burns and therefore The Ace of Clubs would be Fire. Swords cut through the Air, therefore for the Ace of Swords would be Air. Pentacles are made of earthly materials, such as the precious metals; and so, the Ace of Pentacles (Coins in some decks) would be Earth. Leaving the Cups, they can be any material, but they hold fluids such as water, so by that logic, the Ace of Cups would be Water.



I would argue that this makes absolute perfect sense, I would say that my understanding is right; but then I would. It can be argued that Swords represent Fire, Batons/Clubs represent Air and the other two would be fine as they are, but then this argument would be right, I would be wrong and so would my understanding, but then it would be right… and so would I. It depends on how you came into Tarot; it depends on where you learnt those skills; neither one is wrong, just as neither one is right.



In about a month the UK will head to the polls, so naturally there is an increase in the amount of click-bate, misinformation, fake-news and ‘alternative facts’ – which when you look past the surface layers, it’s clearly about separation and fear; and about who controls who. Ultimately it comes down to power and placing us where others feel we need to be placed. I have tried several times to ride the currents of the collective and get a sense of where things are going but I swear I keep taking a wrong turn at Delphi, I keep sensing the Aces acting as protection against probing too deep into this, and almost causing an enforced Wheel of Fortuna and sending me back to the start again.



When I noticed this beginning, I chose to pull the Wheel of Fortune card from the H. R. Giger Tarot Deck; when you truly study this deck, your eyes are immediately lost in the chaos of all that the card offers up. It causes you to keep going back to the very start and observing it again and then again, which is what the Wheel of the Year or The Wheel of Fortune tends to be about, repeating and learning the lessons as well as being able to break the cycle ultimately. However, when you really observe this card, there are unseen elements, for example have you seen the 8 figures throughout the card, some hidden and others in plain sight? Perhaps the meaning within this Wheel of Fortune, is be careful where you place your trust, as some cycles may appear to end, but they don’t. Instead they change their name, and allow others to be in the forefront, while the major players hide. Much like the Aces and the Major cards.



Moving on from the Wheel of Fortune, I chose to pull another card from The Tarot of the Elves, as I wanted to contrast the Yin of Giger with the Yang of the Elves. Out of the shuffle I received the Magician, which is a card that I occasionally navigate through within my journey. I find that this is a double-edged card, you can get caught up in the ‘magic’ of the magician but not truly see what the magic is or where is it coming from until you end up on the receiving end. Not all magicians and not all magic is good, once you look beneath the surface; like much of the fakery that is around at the moment, it looks good from a distance, but when you are up close and really see it, there is a very nasty edge to it.



Magicians like ringmasters, they can sometimes have tricks and magic that is beyond their understanding. However, sometimes they know all too well the magic and tricks they possess, they simply decide to pretend that they don’t or worse, they decide they already know and don’t need to be taught, but either way this is a kind of magic that is dangerous, when it is not fully understood. At least that is what the Delphi Oracles, the Oh Gods of Technology and my Team have chosen to share with me at this time. Many of the insights are gleamed through experience and the learning curve, that the Wheel of Fortune can present us with. For not all Magicians are bad, they grow into very respectable Hermits…



To draw is into conclusion, lets pull the Hermit Card from both the decks featured in this revamp of the Tarot Blog Hop 07 – Moments of Light and Shadow [2019 edit], we’ll use them to look at both How can I be a better candle? And How can I best foster the energy of the Aces in my life? So, let’s start by looking at H. R. Giger for the first aspect of this conclusion, which is how to be a better Candle.



To draw is into conclusion, lets pull the Hermit Card from both the decks featured in this revamp of the Tarot Blog Hop 07 – Moments of Light and Shadow [2019 edit], we’ll use them to look at both How can I be a better candle? And How can I best foster the energy of the Aces in my life? So, let’s start by looking at H. R. Giger for the first aspect of this conclusion, which is how to be a better Candle.



The Hermit in many ways could be likened to Buddha, not in this deck obviously, or so you would think. If you look at this card from a mindfulness and Buddhist perspective, then it is observing the momentum at all times. In essence, holding on to its own light and shining it into the obvious darkness, in the hopes of illuminating not only his pathway but that of others as well. In order to become or be a better candle, first light your own way and then help others to share in that light, not by diminishing your own, but by offering to give some of your light to them, not only do they now have their own light, but they also share in the wisdom of yours as well. Which is the truest testament to the nature of these Blog Hops.



Now lets turn the attention to the Tarot of the Elves to wrap up this hop revamp, in which the question is: How to best foster the energy of the Aces in my life? The fascinating this about this is that within the Hermit card from The Tarot of the Elves, there is a silver coin; representation of the Pentacles? Could be… Let’s look a little closer at what this card needs to reveal…



To draw the Hermit Card from both this deck in relation to the question of how to foster the energy of the Aces, is interesting. Firstly there is an earth connection to this, which given my connection to Crystals, couldn’t be more clearer, I work a lot with crystalline energy for clearing grids, both earthly and celestially. A great deal of this is just facilitation, in that I provide the space for the dragons, celestial and skulls to do what they need to. However, I am not a way-station, but rather where crystals come to live and carry out their work uninterrupted; occasionally they will ask for another to join their ranks, and other times they move from being grid workers into working for others to heal. Secondly, there is the fae aspect to the Elves deck, I don’t have much dealing with Fae energy, mostly because I am not a great fan of the glamour and glitz, which is what they tend to deal in. Usually with Elvan energies, there is a bargain and cost involved, both of them are too high for my liking, so I tend to avoid any dealings, unless it is required.



It most likely explains, why I only work with this deck every so often. Now tapping into the card a little bit, the way that the Aces can help me foster their energy, is by allowing them to both support and hold space for the major cards within readings for the hops and also when dealing with others, although that is something that is not really a relevant place these days. I find now that I am more historian, collector and rescuer of decks, than reading for others. There are others out there that do that kind of work, my work with the cards is more for the hops than for others.



Well, there you have it; my belated and updated entry for the Tarot Blog Hop, but also for my own musings as well. There will be more from the archives as time goes on, as it is time to put the hop posts back out there and through this avenue I get the chance to keep them alive as well as revisit and update as needed. Do feel free to leave me a comment either through this site or the Sacred Healing Blog Page on Facebook.




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