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Yin-YangIt’s that time again! Herding cats, broken links, education and all in all a good time; I have the accompaniment of Tori Amos as I get started on my third blog hop post. If you haven’t heard of a Blog Hop, it’s okay you may know it as a Writers Circle or similar, the word hop in some places meant a dance or gathering. Either way it is a place where like minds join and write about a topic of choice. We have a shepherd or herder of cats, who keeps a master list of everyone involved.



The topic of this month’s was a choice of two…



A) Find a card that represents, to you, more than one of the four elemental energies, specifically two which might be thought of as “opposites”. I think, when I say this, of the way that we have such varied interpretations of wands and swords, depending on which is fire and which is air….but, is there a case that could be made for a single card being both? Such a concept of a card being “two things at once” is usable in any of the suits, depending on one’s understanding of the connection with elemental energies. It isn’t necessary for the two elements to directly be sourced opposite one another in any concept of directional alignments, but as you discuss the card, make sure you are evaluating its connection to two opposite characteristics of the tool or being represented on the card.



B) Find a pair of cards which work as a unit but represent two opposite views of the same situation. They both may be in the same suit or in two different suits, one may be major and one minor arcana, but if one were to receive both these cards in a reading, how would one represent the opposing energies thereof as they apply to the same situation?



… Never known me to do what I was told …



The Tao of Tarot



The-MagicianSince this was announced as the topic I have struggled to find the words that fit, well it is a bit more than that it got me thinking about the whole world of Tarot and how its become a convoluted mess, you have the traditional decks and then these psudeo-decks as well; now don’t misunderstand me, I have nothing against them, I just wouldn’t call some of them Tarot, the reason being is they are actually more Oracle based than Tarot, so right away I can see there is scope for expansion in what we’ve been asked. As I said I don’t have anything against them, I just don’t feel they are tarot.



It’s true I have never really known me to do what I was told, I always seem to head off on paths uncharted, not unlike the Magician, he’s old enough to take care but young enough to go off on an adventure to see where it takes him and it is the very same with me and my thought trains. You would think that I would have a male and female comparative since I am following the contrast of Yin and Yang, but at the moment I don’t think there is a Yin (female) card off the top of my head asides from the Queen, but believe me when I say there are times when I can outmatch all four queens in the deck and today is one of them, so I think the closest match for this Yin and Yang balance is The Hermit.



… Wisdom teaches tolerance but …




>The-HermitToday while I was prepping for writing this up, I realised that one of the major battles I have been having since really coming into my own sense of self is that Tarot has become fluffy. Not the art of it but the decks, authors just seem to push out these really fluffy decks as if we’re going to become offended by some of them, I can name three major cards and several minor cards that could instantly evoke offence but the thing is that they are apart of Tarot History. They were developed during a major upheaval in world history, the word arcane means record of ancient knowledge, so not only do the Tarot depict events through history but they are a record of the changes our world has been through.



Wisdom teaches tolerance but today, my wisdom is teaching me to take a very large kipper, dip it in water and then attach the words “Stop It” … This is where my Hermit card comes out, wise enough to know when to say nothing, but old enough not to care and say it anyway. I find that there is no balance of late, well not where I am from anyway, many of the decks I have seen are fluffy, let me hold you hand and tell you everything is going to be fine… Whereas the true tarot decks tend to be more, You’ve frelled up, it’s one big messy pile of poo-doo and you’re gonna have to clear it up, but here are the things you are going to need to make sure it’s cleaned up properly.



StrengthThe way I see things at the moment are a bit less fluffy and more realistic, Tarot is an amazing tool, tells you exactly what you need to hear at the right time and in the most direct way in other words it’s the Yang balance. These pseudo-tarot decks or more akin to Oracle decks are more Yin balance. They have the gentle and soft approach to things, where they cushion the blow, it’s as if they are saying, oops look you made a mess of things, but hey that’s okay, in fact its fine. Here is a cookie, and some milk, and don’t worry petal, let’s look at the lovely clouds all pink and fluffy. Now while you are looking at them, forgive yourself and the mess. There isn’t that lovely? Fix the mess? Oh no dearest, I don’t fix your mess, I just tell you how lovely things are…



Well okay maybe slightly overkill there but you kind of get the point; I just really need to stress this point here, I do not have anything against them… In fact as a collector I have many, MANY variants of these decks, and they have a purpose, most of them are doorstops but it’s a purpose… Tao is very much about the balance and these stark contrasts are the balance of Tarot, you can’t really have one without the other and they actually service a purpose for the user because some don’t want to face the realities of the Tarot Decks of old, they prefer the fluffy bunny approach where angels are going to give you sonnets, and words of comfort, it’s not as if Angels have ever had to smite, topple towers or evict one of their own now it is… Oh wait… My bad, yeah they have…


Cards of Balance



… Balance within All things is Important …



LoversWithin the Tarot it’s important to have balance, true it can be said for all aspects of life but in Tarot there really does need to be a balanced approach and I can’t think of two cards that are more apt and to do with the balance than in the Major Arcana, minor cards have their balances as well but my approach with the minor suits is they re-enforce what the Major cards have already told you. In terms of writing, the minor deck are the character and the major deck is the narrative or the plot. Balance is never more so noticed than within the lovers, you have the union of opposites within this card. The beauty of it is although it’s represented as male/female and most of the time they are man/woman it isn’t defining relationships unless that is the question stated.



It’s polarities the male/female, white/black, light/dark or positive/negative of any given situation, in other words it’s the yin and yang of a problem or situation. There is always one inside the other, which is the nature of the union. To understand and also resolve any situation you must be able to see both sides or at least be able to understand perspectives in order to reach a conclusion and resolution that is best suited to any given situation. That is why Tarot has to have a balanced approach to it and the questions asked.



Move Along Home…



… Direct can be uncomfortable …



Wheel of FortuneThe Wheel is the counter-balance or the nature of things. I tend to see it as the completed union of opposites and in that the wheel turns to like nature it doesn’t stay static and much like this post has been The Wheel can be direct and direct can be uncomfortable, at times I am quite blunt and forward its part a change within me where I have stopped with the ‘story’ or ‘explanations’ when they are not needed and it is also a dyslexia thing too, I hope this hasn’t been too hard to read.



Still you have made it to the end of the post and now its time to as they say move along home, below as above are links to the next blog in the hop. Thank you for stopping in on me 🙂



Jay x


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