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Welcome to the Sacred Healer Blog; if you are a regular surfer of Blog Hops then you’ll notice that a few things have actually changed. If you are interested, then you can find out more on this post. If you follow or have me on Facebook, rather than my pages (Sacred Healer Blog & Jay Cassels) then its possible that you know the reasons behind the changes, however in many ways its all cosmetic (or should that be cosmic?) changes. None the less welcome to the site and to this month’s Tarot Blog Hop…



What is a Blog Hop?



If this is your first jaunt into hopping, let me explain a little bit about it from my understanding (for those who already are familiar, feel free to skip ahead or go make some coffee/tea)… So a Blog Hop is a new name for something that has been around for as long as I have written journals, it is basically like a writer’s circle or in this case a group of like minded people coming together to give their take on a set subject. You get all kinds of Hops, such as a Reiki Blog Hop, which is another one that I participate in.



A Little Bit about Me…



My name is Jay, I have been working with Tarot for 25 years and for those of you good with figures, yes, yes that’s right since I was 16. These days when I reflect back to that time I believe it was always going to be my path to end up working with the Tarot, back then I would never have thought that I would become a Collector, Historian, Rescue Home for Wayward Decks and Cartomancer. Believe it or not I actually still have my very first deck kept in safely in a box…



You Have Mail…



Morgan, our blog shepherd and cat wrangler extraordinaire came up with a really curious idea for this month; create a tarot card using junk mail from the spam filter and junk email box. Now this would have been easy if it wasn’t for the fact I have strict filters that stop all but a few junk emails coming through and none of them usually have pictures. So for a while this really presented me with a problem until this week really.



The interesting thing is that I have been working on a deck of Consciousness Cards for about 9 months, although they were originally just meant to be a prototype Angel Oracle for the purposes of the Angel Healing Certificate that I was working towards. However nothing it seems happens without a reason these days, or maybe I am just actively paying attention to what is actually going on around me. The idea behind this deck was simple, select 27 different words, phrases or pictures and then place them on to card.



Well my word/phrases became pictures and something that is across between a haiku or a fiat. Naturally I decided to do a test run with the deck and it worked well but then time as well as life got in the way and for about 9 months I put them away and sort of forgot. It was last week when I was taking a development group locally that I was prompted to take the cards, a meditation, the medicine drum and singing bowl. I honestly had no proper idea (as is the way of things these days) until I arrived and it was Enoch (Metatron’s human incarnation) that was working with the group.



As it turned out the Consciousness Cards resonated with everyone and they related to both the images and text. Since then I have been test driving them on line now as well. As part of the hop I have asked the deck for a card that will be relevant for this time and this space, which I will use as the first part of my hop post. The second part of it is the Tarot aspect, which will be one of the Major Arcana; what I will do is drawn a single card, then select an image from my esoteric collection and basically do a one card reading and then explain why I selected that image etc.



Part One: The Consciousness Card



Angel 3Archangel Metatron

Learn to Listen to Your Higher Voice; Be Guided by the Wisdom and Love from Within 


The Card Meaning: Archangel Metatron works with the higher vibrations, he opens us up to our higher voice and energy centres, this means that we are in essence being guided to work from the highest vibration, which is unconditional positive regard and love for all. Therefore we drop a lot of baggage and preconceived ideas, it doesn’t mean that we suddenly forgive and love everyone regardless (wouldn’t that be lovely), but rather learn to see both the positive and negative qualities of a person, so that it is possible to have respect without the need for being their BFF.



How the Consciousness Card Work: The original deck that I have worked with when on Workshops inspired me and I fell in love with them. The sad thing is the author no longer in produces and the website has long since gone so I had no way of getting them, the idea of how they work is that you shuffle the deck and then select a card at random. The four workshop that the original deck was used at, each time the card I drew was relevant to where I was on that day and at that time.



This prompted me first to try and locate them, and then to change the original Angel Oracle into an Angelic Consciousness Cards instead. So far as I have said above each of the trail runs I have done with them seem to have worked out really well, and so I am planning on laminating this deck I have created so that I can use them in my own workshops.



Part Two: The Tarot Aspect – The Moon



tumblr_Dark Moon Tarot - Replacement ImageThe Moon

(Please Note: Not the original image, as this is a reproduction of the original post.)


The Single Card Reading: To begin have the 22 physical major arcana in front of you, discard the first card as the fool and then pick a number between 1 & 21. The number I chose was 9.



The Interpretation: We all have our own method of understanding and diving the cards, we all know that there is no right or wrong method. I selected this image to represent the moon for a few reasons, partially because the moon is actually in the image, but this image represents the deeper aspects of the moon itself. Mainly the connection to emotions, sensitivity and also honouring the divine aspect in all of us.



The one thing about this moon card is that it talks about the soul, the connection to the soul and honouring that connection. Look to the card and notice the ghost outline resting upon her shoulder, consider what that soul aspect is saying not just to her, but to you, because at this moment, the female figure is representing your inner voice and soul aspect regardless of gender.



The Gravestones are representative of regret and all the words, actions and thoughts that either have never been, could have been, should have been or would have been; in other words they represent the past and it is time to release that past and let go. There is no point in holding on to something because eventually it becomes a weight. There is also little point in becoming too self-reflective because your mistakes and errors are something to be learnt from not to be measured by.



Finally progression is always going to be slow and steady, notice how she is considering the placement of her fingers, as a musician, a performer and a professional she must both learn and then become completely at one with her instrument. This translates to have knowledge of you and your talents, then forget and allow nature as well as your natural instincts to take over. Above all else listen to the higher voice and the soul’s song.



Attention to Details…



This wasn’t the image that I had in mind originally but as I looked through my collection I found that I was actually drawn to use this one. There is a lot happening in it and if you are a visual person like myself then a dry image with only a static image or a few elements is not really going to be that inspirational or effective. However this particular image has the right balance of activity but without being hyperactive or dry. I felt the connection to the image and just knew that if I were to create a Tarot deck then this image would be my choice for representing The Moon. It is haunting but also calm at the same time; which is really something that a moonlit night can be.






If I am honest I really hadn’t too much of a clue how this blog post was going to turn out, if anything I thought I would possibly manage a few paragraphs at best, I never expected to discuss my consciousness cards in ny great detail let alone place up a reading. Likewise I never intended to explore the idea of creating a Tarot Deck or even select a card and then decide on replacing the image with one I felt drawn to and then do a reading based on that image.



So this for me has really been quite an exploration of my own depths and abilities as well as writing for a blog hop; it is my hope that you got something out of this part of the blog hop. Remember there are links below, above and to the side on the menu that will take you to the next post in the chain.



Thanks for stopping by





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