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Welcome to Sacred Healing, my other blog that takes the focus into the healing aspects of the work I do rather than the more metaphysical side that my other posts tend to deal with. This month Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous set the topic and asked us about whether we use meditation in our Reiki, typically I don’t when it is a therapy session, but I do when it is training. As you’ll have read on Jay Cassels, my other site I find that in the training side of things it helps to ground and settle folks before they start. In this post, I’ll explain why I don’t tend to use them in the therapy setting.


In the therapy setting, I find that I settle my clients into the way of letting go and being supported by the breath and the compassionate action of the Reiki energy once they have been settled on to the therapy couch. I tend to find that adding voice interrupts the flow of what is meant to happen, so I will use breathing techniques to start with and then allow their bodies to take over, while I simply allow what needs to take place to happen. When you add voice to a therapy session, if the client has already been spending too much time in their head-space, by then adding to that by asking them to focus here, let go there etc, it really does create a barrier. Particularly if they are not a visual person in the first place, getting them to try picture things, sense things and so on simply distracts them from why they have come in the first place. Besides I find that Reiki tends to have a way of doing the meditation job for them anyway.



As a healer it is my purpose to encourage the body to repair and heal itself, so I engage with source and allow Reiki to do just that. The journey that the soul takes my client on does not really need my intervention. Typically my clients begin their experience very quickly. Some go deep while others go outside, I find that this is alright because it is right for them at that moment, it is different if they are working with clearing whats holding them back. It is not supportive for them to leave their bodies or recoil and go deep; that to me is counter-productive to the process of clearing whatever blockage is stopping them from being at home in their own bodies.


Through TCM I have learnt to acknowledge the natural flow of energy that is within our bodies, Reiki is a brilliant way to restore that flow, true TCM and other forms of physical work can do that as well, but when someone doesn’t like working with these, Reiki is the best way forward. It allows the client to engage with touch, but lightly and gives them the control to say whether they wish to have hands off or hands on. I find that in the therapy setting using meditation would only get in the way. However, it isn’t to say I don’t use a form of meditation. Using the breath as a guide into relaxation and the sojourn, just as using the breath of life to restore the balance at the end of the session isn’t a loose form of meditation, after all there is a form of guiding happening in that.


Why not give it a shot, there is a small breath work piece at the end of this to try, it is eyes open and not too intensive.


Breath Work


Begin by getting settled into the chair, upright is better than lying down for this. Simply start by taking in a breath, if possible through the nose and releasing through the mouth. Perfect! Keep this momentum going, and keep the pace nice and easy. Now start to really focus in on the breath, allow it to deepen and start to take it from below the belly button if you are able. Release it in the same steady manner that you have been building up to. Perfect!


Okay now recognise the thought forms as they come and just allow them to go, no need to hold on to them. Let the breath happen naturally no need to force it, allow the body to do what it does naturally. Don’t do anything else but breathe, don’t over think and don’t try to process anything at this time. After a few moments, shake it off, make movement in the fingers, the toes and blink a few times as well.


Great stuff, so you can jump back to my original post from the Previous link or move on using the next link, thanks for stopping by this extra blog post.



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One thought on “Reiki Blog Hop: XI(a) – The Supportive Breath of Life

  • Joy Vernon

    I so completely agree that people spend enough time already in headspace, and talking through a Reiki session can be counterproductive for many people. For me, the whole session is a silent meditation.