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When is healing not enough? Is it when a student is on the verge? or when a master/teacher crosses an ethical line? Who teaches the teacher, when it becomes apparent they’ve forgotten the principals they have been teaching their students?


 The amazing Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous set us this juicy topic to explore on our blogs this month: “Can you perform Reiki for others or teach Reiki if you are ill? Mentally ill? Chronically ill?” I know we are taught that our personal stuff doesn’t interfere, but then again, would you really want to learn Reiki from someone whose life is a mess?”


It is an interesting and also a really juicy one to sit with and for a while now I have been doing just that. A while back I ran foul of some mud slinging, I had always within the collective been aware of it but when I had it confirmed it threw me. The entire cycle was a complete re-run of something that I had been told about, but to be the victim of it, well that felt completely devastating, it broke what trust I had with the person and it also made me question my own teaching and facilitation practices.


In my own instance I managed to reconcile what had been happening and move on from it but then I recently came up against something else on a similar vain to this. It really got me thinking about the nature of Reiki, and also Angelic Reiki as both of these when I work with them highlight truth, they seem to bring to the surface the deep stuff that needs healed. As humans we naturally want to try and ‘fix’ a problem, we’re hard wired to try and find a solution but then in a culture where its becoming sue first and ask questions later, its understandable why we do it.


The trouble with this way, this never ending addiction to ‘fixing’ or neutering the problem is that within a couple of cycles its back again. The Dharma wheel will always bring back something that needs addressed. we call it karma but that’s us forcing it back into the consciousness so it gets cleared properly. However not every teacher or facilitator recognises this or even understands the process, but you’d think they would as we talk about the 21 cleanse in Usui Reiki and in Angelic we’re asking our aligned self and higher state of consciousness to anchor and clear anything that needs processed during the sleep state, so you’d think that a Master/Teacher or Facilitator/Master-Teacher would recognise their own shit as well as dealing with their students as they process theirs right?


I’m not so sure, after my experiences and being witness to the way other behave I am starting to seriously wonder about that. Like many of the cycles that are cropping up at the moment, while we’re moving forward in years, mentally we’re delving back into the dark ages, terrified to move out of old ways and relying on the old guard and actually embracing what is new and wondrous. After all we’re told to be frightened of the new, as the new is bad for business…


The sense that I have is that whether your a Master, Teacher or a Facilitator, there is a duty of care to your students and also to yourself. This means recognising when someone is not ready or in the right place head wise to do the work, it can also be that going through the attunements with someone that hasn’t worked through anything of their own can lead to opening a door on to something a bit challenging, maybe even questionable. It is hard to say but it makes you aware of clearing yourself before working with others more so when it comes to Reiki.


This one has been a bit of a ramble, for which I am sorry there has been a lot happening in the last few minutes that have forced me to bring this into conclusion sooner than intended. Please go forth and read the other entries on this journey, I am certain they’ll be just as interesting.



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3 thoughts on “Reiki Blog Hop: X(a) – Who Teaches the Teacher; [When Healing is Not Enough…]

  • Joy Vernon

    “It is hard to say but it makes you aware of clearing yourself before working with others more so when it comes to Reiki.” Yes, I think this whole topic has really reiterated that point. I can’t worry about anyone else’s energy, only make sure I am clear and doing my own work. Really good point!

    • Jay Post author

      Its been a juicy one to both sit with and explore. So much of the work when it comes to the energy body or even the physical one highlights how important it is to be tuned in to your own energy first and foremost.