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Although I missed the sign up deadline for this month, I wanted to add another most into the Reiki Blog Hop for March 2018 mix; March’s Reiki Reigns Wrangler was the awesome Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous and Joy set us this really lovely topic… 



What do you recommend to beginners interested in Reiki?” Whether from the point of view of a teacher and covering how they start beginners out, or from the point of view of a student and what they found most helpful in getting started or wished they had know at the beginning, this month’s theme promotes recommendations for newbies. What books, practices, or experiences do you suggest to someone who asks you where to get started with Reiki? As a teacher, do you prefer students to jump straight into a class or ask them to do any kind of preparation first? As a student, what sparked your interest in learning Reiki? What did you find most helpful when you first started your practice?


In one of my earlier hops when I had Metaphysical Angels as my site, I wrote about the experience of coming into Reiki; just for a moment I am going to revisit that. My dad passed over the vale and on to a better place in the November of 2011, for a full year mum and I just shut down. I didn’t engage with my own sense of self, or really even connect on any significant level with anyone around me. All I could see was just how vile humanity was and how self centred, ego driven and kind of annoying they were when they weren’t part of my close family or friends of that time.

However a year later we were as a family unit starting to heal and I began looking for a way back into work, but I wanted to focus on bringing back connection, love and spiritual/soul aspects as well as healing. The more I looked for a way into this the more I kept being drawn back into Tarot Readings, and spiritual development circles. Then at the end of 2012 into 2013, Dad kept bringing up the conversation about Reiki that I had been a part of in 2008.

This will be familiar to some that are reading this and perhaps not too familiar to others, however stay with it for the moment if you can. So I did my training during that year for Reiki 1 and 2 that year, however I did go for two reiki sessions prior to that. It is these sessions that I want to spend just a paragraph or two on before I move into the topic side with some depth, so let’s visit the first session first.

The first session, I felt a connection to something deep and at that time unattainable in the terms of words. It was a feeling of being connected to everything, literally to source, all my other selves and soul fragments that were scattered out there just waiting to come home. I saw colours and the Golden Weave that symbolically we are all apart of, I saw libraries and colours that didn’t have names, the list was endless and then before I knew I was back. Naturally I wanted to discover more about this place and decided that I would come back again.

When I returned for the next session, it was different again. What started out as a quest to discover and revisit this world within worlds, I reached a point where I was with dad and this was the first time that I was within the Void of all Possibilities or Nirvana (not the punk-pop band the Buddhist place of perfection). Dad and I spoke at length about his passing, the reasons and purpose for death, dying and the transitions that it represents but we also spoke about why it was to be.

It changed my life and something else came from this an unexpected gift. The master/teacher that had been working with me, asked me about my connection to healing and also my connection to Reiki, which at that time I didn’t even know I had. She suggested that I take my Reiki I later than month and well you know the rest of it from there…

A huge part of the Reiki journey is the healing, its one of the reasons that I get students regardless of what modality they are learning to do a session on each other, usually after the attunement and lunch. The reason why I do this is it consolidates and facilitates the attunement but more than that it helps them to figure out their way of working. Reiki to me is more than just a modality and way more than just a workshop day. I honestly would love to combine Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung and Reiki together because they feel interconnected and who knows maybe once I am qualified as an instructor it is something I may consider doing!

When I am working with students my primary focus at Level I stage is helping them to heal, clear and shift anything that no longer services them, this is perhaps because I see Level I as about the student, and their journey. As I move into Level II, I see this focus shifting into healing others but continuing to heal themselves as well because it becomes about the emotional and mental level because the connection to Reiki deepens. At the Master level, which would be Level III its about them at the spiritual side, connection to something deeper and bigger than the student it. I always ways feel that this level has the deepest commitment, not for teaching because that takes a lifetime to learn but it is the deepest commitment to being true to ones own journey.

Reiki is a journey that takes us where we need to be, not always where we want to be. For the student it is very much about being open to the experience of healing themselves and others as well. Manuals like books and sites change, so I don’t tend to make that the focus, just like I avoid getting hung up on symbols. I teach about them and their significance but I leave it up to the student to decide on whether they wish to work with them or simply have acknowledgement they are a tool that can be used if needed.

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