⭐🌜⭐ TBH Beltane Master List – The Magic Dance ⭐🌜⭐




Beltane: ⭐🌜⭐ The Magic Dance ⭐🌜⭐


DATE: May 1st 2020
TIME: 19:00 BST. 19:00 BST – Note the updated correct times for US: 11am Pacific, 12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern. [⭐ see da group rulz for conversion links ⭐]
WHERE: Your blog
Wrangler: Jay Cassels
SIGNUP DEADLINE: Thursday April 30th – 11am
LIST SHUFFLE: 1pm – Thursday April 30th
MASTER LIST: http://sacred-healing.co.uk/ml-beltane2020



Stop me if you’ve heard this one… β€œYou Remind Me of the Babe…” Yes! Staying with the Fables and Fortunes theme, let’s visit the lands of the Fae and Faeries. Beltane/Beltaine or Mid-Spring for some is the start of Summer, but it is also a time of potency…



Beltane: ⭐🌜⭐ The Magic Dance ⭐🌜⭐



Tarot, much like Life, endures… It has seen wars, crusades, dark ages and the odd age of aquarius as well. Now here in 2020, it see us through these interesting times; Beltane represents fertility, sexuality, the rebirth of maiden and many other Fae related attributes, but at the core is tradition and ritual.


Within this turn of the Wheel, as we head into uncharted waters and interesting times, be mindful of the luggage (it tends to bite), watch out for Twoflower (he’s a perpetually lost tourist) and try to avoid Rincewind (He’s a Wizard, they don’t tend to do much), as you head into the Faerie Forests, and with your deck in hand…


I’d like you to explore one or all of these options:


⭐ Whether you have a ritual for working with your deck(s)

⭐ Are you superstitious when it comes to letting others touch your deck

⭐ If you work with clients do you have a routine/ritual prior to a reading

⭐ Do you read for yourself / the world, if not would you ever seek guidance from them


As is the way with the muses and the Fae generally, if you feel drawn or inspired to head off on your own journey, then please do go for it, as that is what makes these hops fun.



Below is the running order or shuffled list for this turn of the wheel. You can visit them in any order, and always return to this page if you get turned around. You can navigate through the | PREVIOUS | NEXT | MASTER | links that are found at the top and bottom of each post, starting with the ones here in the Master List. We begin this round at Morgan Drake Eckstein and end at Koneta Bailey.



1. Morgan Drake Eckstein | Occult Garden Parties: Connecting with Spirit of Tarot

2. Joy Vernon (Tarot in Love) | Tarot in Love: The Tarot Dance

3. Jay Cassels | Jay On Blogspot: Adventures in Tarot Reading

4. Jay Cassels | Sacred Healing: Dancing with Magic

5. Joy Vernon (Completely Joyous) | Joyvernon.com: Tarot Traditions and Ritual

6. Koneta Bailey | Newpathstarot: Dance of the Sidhe




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