Western Massage


The Therapeutic Process



Western Massage has its roots in Egypt, China, Tibet and Japan. The most common form of Western Massage is known as Swedish Massage; after the Swedish founder, who established the routine. As a Western Massage Practitioner, I use several different forms of Massage; Aromatherapy, Hot & Cold Stones, Swedish and also Indian Head Massage, which is different to the others [see below for more on this one].



Swedish Massage: This is a beautiful introduction to Massage, particularly if it is something that you have not experienced before. The massage can be tailored to be as relaxing or vigorous as required. It can also be purely a back routine or a full body routine, depending on how comfortable or in need of the massage you are at the time.

| Time: 30 – 60 mins | Cost: £30 – £45 | Concession: £25 – £30 |



Aromatherapy Massage: This is a beautiful Massage to experience and it is one massage routine that I do not rush. It uses pre-blend aromatherapy oils for relaxation, detoxing or revitalising. The sequence/routine can be tailored to be a back routine or a full body, it is a routine that I tend to take time over, so please allow yourself the chance to just relax and unwind.

| Time: 60 mins | Cost: £45 | Concession: £35 |



Hot & Cold Stone Massage: This massage routine that is performed at a comfortable pace, it involves the use aromatherapy oils and a specialised stone that retains and releases its heat slowly across the body. The massage can be tailored to be a back routine or a full body, and the heat from the stones really helps the body and mind to just tune out from itself and unwind. As the name also implies, the stones can be used to provide a Cold Stone Massage also, which is idea for overheated muscles.

| Time: 60 mins | Cost: £45 | Concession: £35 |



Indian Head Massage: This is usually a seated massage routine, although it can be adapted. Indian Head Massage, is one that involves the use of aromatherapy oils and focuses on the head, shoulders, arms and neck. The massage itself focuses on releasing tensions from the head but also the rest of the body as well. It can be performed through clothing but it is usually more effective when applied directly to the skin.

| Time: 45 mins – 60 mins | Cost: £40 | Concession: £30 |