Sacred Healing


Sacred Healing


So many of us carry around the burdens placed on us by family, friends, work, and even society. We have become brilliantly adept at talking down to ourselves, and paying attention to what we are not. We have been placed into a position though others of carrying around their opinions and expectation of failure. Even our own political culture has historically given us their responsibility and we are not even aware of what it is we are carrying around.


Is it not time to ask yourself the question “What is holding me back from reaching my potential?”



Historically and culturally we’re taught to hide our bodies and be ashamed of them. However as a Practitioner of Eastern and Western Massage I have come to learn that the human body is fantastic! It is not only a biological marvel, but when lived in fully it can be a wonderfully sensual marvel as well. Culturally we’ve never been taught what or how to fully embrace and be at home with these facts. This is the work that I do, I help you ‘come home’ to remove the psychic (mental), the emotional, physical and also the spiritual blockages that prevent you from living your life to it full capacity. To have space to breathe inside your own body possibly for the first time since you chose to incarnate in the physical world.



The Therapeutic Process®, is the name I have given to the the work that I do in order to help you heal and reach your full potential. I have trained to work with skills and tools including: Alternative medicine services; Acupressure therapy; Acupuncture; Aromatherapy services; Hot stone massage; Massage services; Massage; Massages; Meditation services; Reiki services; Stress management services; Therapy services; Therapeutic treatment of the body; Therapeutic treatment of the face; Foot massage services; Reflexology services.



As part of The Therapeutic Process®, I make sure that I am; Providing information relating to traditional Japanese massage; Providing information relating to acupuncture; Providing information relating to moxibustion; Information relating to massage; Consultancy in the field of body and beauty care; Health care relating to relaxation therapy; Health care relating to therapeutic massage. All of which is current and up to date.



Many of my techniques have been learnt through work with Sacred De-Armouring Techniques as taught by Gillian Alexander, as well as through working with many facilitators and teachers that I have come to respect. I do offer Sacred De-Armouring and Breath-work sessions (both of these are shamanic based techniques).



I also hold space for EFT/Meridian Psychotherapy, Angelici Reiki Sessions, Usui Reiki, Shamballah MDH, Kundalini Reiki and Karuna Reiki or a combination of these. Regardless of the technique or tools used, the focus is on helping you to work through what is it you feel is holding you back from really coming home to your body and really living this life that you have chosen to have.



As a trained practitioner I work to release my own baggage so that I am better able to hold Sacred Space and for you to co-create your own healing and Therapeutic Process®. There is something very beautiful in the transformation that comes through this co-creation, it literally is coming from the soul with the purpose of helping you to achieve the life you want.



The initial session is typically 1h 15min, further sessions can be longer depending on what you want to work through.


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