Meridian Psychotherapy


The Therapeutic Process



Meridian Psychotherapy, is perhaps better known as Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a simple and effective ‘Tapping’ Tool that releases emotions, frustrations, angers and also repressed feelings or trauma. EFT is a gentle releasing tool with its primary focus on you, this is because it is your voice and your actions that do most of the work, I am at least towards the end of a session, your sounding board and guide to help you do the work.



As a Meridian Psychotherapy/EFT Practitioner, I have been through the process as well, this helps me to be a clearer channel for the work that we initially do together. I have a background in Counselling Skills, so I appreciate the need for empathy and active listening as well as attention to your needs throughout. EFT is a two way process, and works to allow you to become a clear person. The EFT techniques help relieve stress, pain, as well as calm the mind and emotions.



Typically your EFT Session will last 60 mins – 75mins. Please allow for extra time when it is your first session with me, as I do like to do a full and througough consultation.


| Time: 60 – 75 mins | Cost: £45 | Concession: £40 |