Crystal Therapy

Understanding Crystal Therapy

TherapiesCrystals have been used in all walks of life from science to meta-sciences, the properties of each crystal are reputedly believed to hold healing energies that can re-balance the body on the energetic level. In crystal therapy, we utilise the natural energy from a selection of crystals to create layouts and grids that will give your body the boost that you feel it may need at the time of your booking and beyond.



As the range of crystals available is extensive, crystal therapy focuses on using a core group of reputed beneficial crystals with a long association with healing. The range of crystals that I personally use in all my crystal therapies are the ones that I have witnessed good results from during my training. I work with crystals of all kinds every day and discover new interesting things as I work with them these experiences translate into my therapy sessions.


The Crystal Therapy Session

Through consultation and intuition, I decide on the crystals as well as the grids that will be used during the therapy. With your permission, I scan the energy field and place the crystals upon you while you are under the covers, it is important to remember that there is no need to remove clothing other than jackets and shoes for Crystal therapy.


It is a relaxation therapy meant to balance and restore whatever you feel is needed for you at the time, there is nothing else to the therapy.


| Time: 60 – 90 min | Cost: £40 (Non-Concession) | £30 (Concession) |