Cards for the Week – 22nd December to 31st December 2019

Welcome to Cards of the Week … A forecast using Tarot and Oracle Cards, for both the energy as well as a general overview of events for the week ahead. Each time the cards are caste, it is a different deck from the 100+ in my collection, stemming 29 years. The decks bring a different energy and perspective to the week ahead…



16th to 23rd December | MASTER LIST | January 2020



It is the turn of Crow’s Magick Tarot by Londa Marks and Natures Whispers by Angela Heartfield for this post. The spread that I have chosen for this week is a single card spread, where only the 22 major arcana are selected from the deck, the first card is discarded as the fool, and then a number between 1 and 21 is decided at random. I chose the number 9, based on the time of the day and the numbers that were on my meter reading in front of me.



Cards of the Week 23rd – 31st December 2019



The single card spread is a useful one to have in the back-pocket, so to speak. It is good for gaining a quick answer, or a detailed one without the need to deal several cards out. Sometime this kind of spread can yield the strongest answers. My ‘habit’ is to turn the discarded Fool card, as sometimes the card that was discarded holds more that is first considered.


It can be the very same with Oracle decks, sometimes only one card is needed in order to answer the question, or give the perspective. I don’t really find that I need more than one card to answer a question that has been posed to an Oracle deck. There are exceptions to that rule from time to time, typically the Energy Oracle, is the exception.



Let’s turn the attention to the Crows Magick Tarot for the start of this look into the week ahead. The 9th card drawn from the deck was the Magician. Sorcerer, Alchemist are the key words relating to the ways of the Magician; this is a time of magic for some and also creating magical times for others.


It is also a time when emotions like energy is high and charged. Intention is a powerful force of magic, so consider what you want from not only this week ahead but also the coming year, and new decade – more on that in a moment – The Magician offers us the chance to bring our dreams to life, and create something potent for 2020.



As I said above, I have a tendency to look at the fool card, this is because in the days of old, fools lay at the feet of their kings and were privy to their secrets, so the same idea applies, the fool card reveals the hidden things. The hidden things within Strength are Endurance and Fortitude.


This is more directed towards the end of this week and into the following one, where it does take endurance and fortitude to deal with the chaos that usually ensues towards the end of a year, lots of small things to wrap up and complete before the next decade begins in earnest. It is a time for slow progress but good results from that approach.




For this last card, I posed a question about 2020; simply enquiring how best to approach this new decade and what direction, perspective does the card offer up? The answer came in the form of one sentence “Maintain Your Childlike Spirit” – in other words, we can not allow the start of the new decade to be marred with feeling caught up in all the serious things, otherwise we loose our sense of how to see the light in the darkest of times.


So by maintaining our childlike spirit, doesn’t mean abandoning ourselves or being foolish, it means that we focus on what gives us joy and light, even when we can’t see that side of things, instead we create our own light and joy in the things that we are doing, regardless of what they are.



Well as this year gets ready for its closure, so does this portion of the blog. It will depend on what 2020 holds, whether I open this up and continue or find a new avenue for the sacred healing blog. Have a most excellent festive period and see you in the new decade.

16th to 23rd December | MASTER LIST | January 2020


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