Cards of the Week: December 16th – 23rd 2019

Welcome to this weekly segment of my site, known as Cards of the Week (or CoTW) … If your not familiar with the trend, it is where much like a Blog Hop I write up a post here on the site for the week ahead, using a combination of Tarot & Oracle Cards. Like the Master List that you find in a Blog Hop, there is a Master List for the posts featured in a Month. This week, we’re look towards the end of the Celtic/Pagan Wheel of the Year.



09th to 15th December | MASTER LIST | 24th to 31st December



This week my post features The Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz and Colin Murray, Celtic Tree Oracle by Sharlyn Hidalgo and The Green Man Oracle by John Matthews and Will Worthington. I chose these decks because with the end of the Wheel happening at the end of the week, I felt that these would honour it. As nature is very much apart of Celtic, Pagan, Wiccan, Druid as well as Chinese and Tibetan philosophies, it felt very apt and potent to tap into that at the moment, since the land is preparing to renew itself for the coming of the new cycle.



While this spread is working to the Gregorian Calendar, I am very conscious that it might be time to start working these spreads in line with the more Celt/Pagan ways instead, However, that is something to look into for the forthcoming turn of the wheel. Right now, we’re going to take a look at coming week as the Wheel gets ready to renew…



Uilleand, The Honeysuckle: The guidance of this card is that during this week, it is good time to distinguish between truth and falsehoods. It is particularly good, when trying to discern, what has real worth and usefulness from what is not. However, remember Honeysuckle can be a late bloomer; so while this is the first card out, it may not choose to manifest to later on in this week. When it eventually does manifest, it will help to get into the centre or core of issues both personal and wider a field as well. Honeysuckle has the benefit of aiding safe treading on the path of wisdom, so while things may feel and seem really good on the surface, remember that is all it is, surface stuff. Be true to the core values of the path followed, be true to the beliefs held, and most of all adhere to the principles that are valued most; as they will provide sureness and lightness to every step. Nature provides us with all that we need in order to guide us along this path, it provides us with tools to ignore distractions, and tools to help us guide ourselves when there is no-one to offer wisdom or direction. Pay attention to nature, look to birds, animals and the very weather itself, as birds such as Lapwing or Peewit, teach us how to navigate to the very centre of our truth, when disturbed these birds will fly directly upward; they draw attention away from the young on the ground. The morale here, do not pay attention to the distractions but rather look what is happening closer to the source, as that is where the real truth resides.



Fearn Alder: The guidance from this card is now is a good time for seeking answers or direction about the year/wheel that is about to turn. Fearn Alder is a late winter card, so the answers sought and given may not start to appear till later (anytime between December 27th and January 23rd). As this card is a card that presents answers, when they are being sought after, they may at times present themselves as totems, such as Ravens, Wrens, Kingfishers or Dragons, so when seeking the answers, pose your questions in mental thought to these totems, and you may receive an answer through your dreams, or when visiting those who divine answers on your behalf. This is also a card of strength, power and leadership, particularly when there is need or demand to settle disputes or challenge the way things are to effect change. It is the card that will extend its protection and ability to resolve the situation, when it is called or asked for. When there is a need to find, rediscover or have balance, between yin/yang or female/male energies then Fearn Alder offers this, as well as offering the chance and oppertunity to seek an oracle as means to update our intentions and/or assert plans for the wheel to come. There is also a sense of good intentions, for the good of all and also renewal from the coming solar/wheel of the year. This is a card that offers support, but it does so only when the intentions are pure and the resolve sound.



Aspen – Eabhadh and Blackberry – Muin [Crossed]: Crossed cards happen sometimes by chance and other times through the spread/reading itself. In this instance it was by chance, both cards fell out at the same time, with Aspen on top and Blackberry under it. Therefore I opted to cross these cards as dictated by their actions. The cards are shown both in their crossed state and under this passage of text in the uncrossed state, so as to give a clear look at both cards. The guidance from the Aspen is; where all are gathered, strength is strongest. Which, is a bit ‘fortune cookie’ in many ways; however, the guidance here is that strength can be functional, in other words something that is being used, or strength is aesthetic in other words, its all for show and there is nothing of substance there. Rely on those that are functional with their strength, rather than making a promise that will not be kept. Aspen Tress are known as Whispering or Twittering Trees; so be mindful and wary of those who are very good at talking or gossiping, as there are not really saying very much of substance. However, the Aspen Tree as well as providing such a warning, also provide protection and shields from such things as well, this is because their roots are deep and memories long, so they tend to know more and recall more than most.



Aspen – Eabhadh and Blackberry – Muin [Crossed] Continued: The guidance from the Blackberry is ‘To Gather in what is Dear to You’ – which, again is a little bit on the fortune cookie side. Still the guidance from this card, is very apt for this time of year. Care must be taken to avoid becoming rooted in the need to collect and harvest the gains too soon. The acquiring of commodities, goods and stockpiling monetary gains does not really benefit, as it looses meaning and value eventually. The same can be said for people as well, having many friends or acquaintances either in the physical world or virtual one, does not really amount to very much in the long run. How many are known fully and how many are unknown or have been lost to the tides, eddies and streams of consciousness that exist within the virtual worlds? What do they have in common in the now, compared to then? The same can be said for skills and talents, what is relevant to the now and what has served its purpose? Do these skills/talents service a long term goal? What skills can be put to use and what can be released? The Blackberry is a soul card, it is one that needs careful thought and attention particularly through and towards the cumulation of this week, connecting to the soul and working with its wisdom will yield worthy results as this wheel completes its cycle.



Conclusion: This will be an interesting and intense week for soul searching, releasing and letting go of old ideals and energies that have ceased being useful. It is not exactly the easiest of weeks but it seems that a lot will be cleared out in preparation for the coming turn of the wheel and new solar year. These cards represent just a small aspect of life, but they are useful for knowing the potential that this week can have as well. Thanks for dropping by.



09th to 15th December | MASTER LIST | 24th to 31st December


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