Cards of the Week: December 09th – 15th 2019

Welcome to brand new segment of my site, known as CotW or Cards of the Week … If your not familiar with the trend, it is where much like a Blog Hop I write up a post here on the site for the week ahead, using a combination of Tarot & Oracle Cards. This week, we’re look towards the end of November. Like the Master List that you find in a Blog Hop, there is a Master List for the posts featured in a Month.



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Cards of the Week: Sunday 09th December 2019 Post


This weeks decks are; Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor, The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor, and Mystical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villolodo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos. Throughout this week, I have had the sense that the Mystical Shaman was preparing to make a return, the Energy Oracle and Akashic Tarot both felt that they could contribute to something to the week ahead reading.



This week I am going to start with the overview and then proceed to do an individual segment for each deck/card that has been involved with the reading, both with its part to play and also what it contributed to the collective reading as well. So let us start with an overview of the week ahead.



Overview of 9th – 15th December 2019: Starting at the bottom and working upwards, we’re looking at a lot of caution and careful deliberation for a majority of this week. Looking with focus at the Woman with a Coin, there is a lot of real vexation and confusion. It does speak of a truth within the collective; the cat is stealing the show though with its expression (however, I’ll touch on this when looking at the Energy Oracle cards on their own). Moving into Yin/Yang, which is the complementary card to Woman with a Coin, it is very much striving to seek balance within the collective as well as restoring the status quo (such as it is). There is a lot of energy striving to achieve a union of opposites, but even within that there is an almost positive/negative resistance, the trouble resides in when both these polarities are meeting in the middle they aren’t negating one another but resisting and causing a disharmony.



Moving on to the top row and giving focus firstly to Earth from the Mystical Shaman Oracle, here we are giving focus on more practical and earth related matters than to anything that can be considered a higher power, the issue within this is two fold, on the one hand you can’t have one without the other, and on the other hand; sometimes earthly matters do need more attention than spiritual pursuits. Something to keep in mind, when trying to divine an answer to a question that requires a more practical approach first! Lastly, Six of Scrolls, takes us into the latter half of the week; and there is a matter of delivering answers, and making actual decisions, rather than postulating. However, the Six of Scrolls, is pretty much holding on to its ideals and rather than looking at all the options.



It is possible to read these cards the other way as well, from the Six of Scroll and finishing on Woman with a Coin, the trouble is that the will still give you the same balanced yin/yang answer, approach this week with caution and keep your focus for the moment at least on the here and the now.


Woman with a Coin & Yin/Yang – Energy Oracle: Starting with the Energy Oracle, I’m going to take a little time to see what this deck has to say individually as well as being part of the bigger reading. The Energy Oracle in this instance is taking a reading of the entire week ahead, true it is a speculative look. However, looking at Woman with a Coin, there is a lot of tentative decision making in the collective and individual process, a fair bit of uncertainty around. The purple is standing out because the card is actually suggesting acting with insight rather than impulse or ‘because it has always been that way’ it’s really in a manner of speaking a card of cycles, although a great deal of it is under the radar. Cycles at times do require the need of being broken, rather than continued. Then there is Yin/Yang, a card that is about cycles, union of opposites and also polar opposite energies that co-exist as opposed to annihilating one another. In many philosophies, the ancients saw the benefits of the unity within opposites, but over time rational and inspired thought have given way to ego. Yin/Yang are able to work together for the benefit of all, you see it in nature all the time, the trouble is that Humans, insist on this belief they are better than nature, and should conquer it, very human and very much based in greed. Collectively these cards are contributing wise words on the nature of the human psyche, cycles and the flawed ways of Humans generally (yes this also includes me). It is something to be mindful of!



Earth – Mystical Shaman Oracle: Earthly matters and material things do seem to be all consuming this week, true it is understandable why, but Earth has an underlying question; what of the spirit? What of the Soul? Why is it at this time of the year, we forget this and yet not that long ago the collective was naval gazing? Have we moved on that quickly and that rapid we’ve left the need to reflect, listen and have awareness of the soul behind, or perhaps it is just an inconvenience to be mindful, careful and listen before hitting the keypad, after-all why consider your debts now, when you can wallow in January? The Earth card is one of practicality and thought, it is a grounding card and a reality / sense check card. It is the part of the collective that right now is being overruled and overrun by the desire to please, the sense check is being replaced or overrun by the credit check…



Six of Scrolls – Akashic Tarot: Towards the end of this coming week, there is work to be done. The Six of Scrolls is about sticking to the plan, whatever that is. It is about getting dirty, getting busy but it is also about doing the job right. The man in this card holds the scroll tight and is rolling the sleeves up, because there is work that is needing done and it is his job to do it. Collectively there is a job needing done at the end of this week. It doesn’t matter what that job actually is, only that it is needing done. Knowing that is one thing, but doing it; well that is an entirely different thing. The trouble is, can you personally tell the difference and discern what job is the most important one to do at this moment? Or are you getting lost in the noise?




One of the many reasons that I love working with Tarot and Oracle cards is that for a percentile of the time, there is no way to know what is about to come out in them. Cards have their own voice, they speak in energy and take from not only the collective consciousness, but the collective unconsciousness, the energy and will of the Powers that Be and also a percentage of the person doing the divination and the person or in this case persons being read for.



01st to 08th December | MASTER LIST | 16th to 23rd December



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