Cards of the Week: December 01st – 08th 2019

Welcome to brand new segment of my site, known as CotW or Cards of the Week … If your not familiar with the trend, it is where much like a Blog Hop I write up a post here on the site for the week ahead, using a combination of Tarot & Oracle Cards. This week, we’re look towards the end of November. Like the Master List that you find in a Blog Hop, there is a Master List for the posts featured in a Month.



24th to 30th November | MASTER LIST | 09th to 15th December



Cards of the Week: Sunday 01st to Sunday 08th December 2019.



Welcome into the last week of November, this week it’s the turn of Fournier’s Tarot de Los Angeles, Russian Tarot of St Petersburgh by Yury Shakov and Influence of the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginski Barbessi. The cards that came out for this week are very much focused on duality, emotions and the time of year, both practically as in the commercial side, but also a sense of not forgetting the small things, that make this time of the year important. Let’s take a deeper look into the cards.



Cronos (Masculine & Feminine): We begin the week with focus given to the duality of being. A great deal of Yin/Yang as well as really weighing up the balance of potentially this time of year. We’re being given an oppertunity to really look at what is important here, as well as who is important. Cronos, stands for the sense of feeling, instinct and intuitive impressions that we all get from time to time. Therefore; we should really pay close attention to these particularly as this week develops, looking closely at Cronos, the wings are concealing or covering up aspects of the figures, so be mindful that your not getting the full picture.




XVIII – The Moon: As we head into the mid-week and its the return of the moon, a card that can be a blessing, as much as a curse. This is because, the moon energy while soft and subtle, also brings to the surface what is needing said. The Moon also has the power to light the way, but its not just a ‘good’ card it can be a heralding card as well. ‘Ring Around the Moon, Trouble is coming soon’ also comes to my mind when drawing this card. It can’t be ignored that we have some heavy choices to be made during this and the coming week.



5 & 6 of Pentacles Crossed: Well, choose your path wisely when it comes to earthly things. The 5&6 of Pentacles crossed are mostly connecting to how money and choices surrounding that are being dealt with. True you can look further a field into the pettiness of earthly things as well. When you have two cards crossed, it usually means a choice or decision to be made within the area of living that the cards deal with. Which in this one is earthly things, finances, cost of living and expenditures as well. Ask the question, would spending on something marginally more expensive be better than the affordable options?



Overview: This week has a mixture of different themes occurring, but most of these are dealing with thinking ahead, trusting the instincts and watching what is being spent. Perhaps an atypical set of cards, in that most of this is low key and although not run of the mill, its mostly common sense things as the week progresses. However, that does not mean that they are any less important, as although the message may not seem very loud and in your face, sometimes the consequences of not paying attention to the small stuff can be.



Thanks for stopping by and as always if it resonates, then woo hoo(!). Either way, don’t be shy do feel free to drop me a comment if you so wish. See you next time.



24th to 30th November | MASTER LIST | 09th to 15th December


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