Card of the Week: 24th – 30th November 2019

Welcome to brand new segment of my site, known as CotW or Cards of the Week … If your not familiar with the trend, it is where much like a Blog Hop I write up a post here on the site for the week ahead, using a combination of Tarot & Oracle Cards. This week, we’re look towards the end of November. Like the Master List that you find in a Blog Hop, there is a Master List for the posts featured in a Month.



24th to 30th November | MASTER LIST | 1st to 8th December



Cards of the Week: Sunday 24th to Saturday 30th November 2019.


Welcome into the last week of November, this week it’s the turn of Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild, Mythical Oracle by Carisa Mellado and Osho Zen Tarot by Osho. The cards that came out for this week are very much focused in on the subtle self, a reflective period, followed by one that is requiring the awareness and then to round things off for the week, some more reflection but also a lot of perspective and planning ahead. Feels very introspective but with a point rather than ambling along. Let’s take a deeper look into the cards.


Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild21 – Orchid Priestess (of Destiny): The start of this week has a lot of reflection, it has the feeling of ‘look how far I’ve come’ and inside of that sense of reflection, is an inner strength and knowledge that we are not the same people, if anything we’ve grown from that point of reflection and continue to grow. That is what makes us strong, if you notice in this one the flute is played and that music is the song of our soul, it is never the same song, and never the same notes grouped together. The music continues to evolve as we do.


Osho Zen Tarot by OshoVII – Awareness: Into the mid-week and its the turn of our awareness to kick in. This is where it is important to sense-check (to quote a good friend) much of what we’re coming into contact with; sense checking is just seeing how things sit, do we get a good, not so good or a run the other way vibe from what we are in contact with. Awareness is also seeing how we are as people, and also trusting what we know to be the world from our own perspective. It is not about accepting what we are told is, but rather actually discerning what is from where we are placed at that time. This can mean having to stand up and be counted in many ways.


Mythical Oracle by Carisa Mellado21 – Pan: We cycle back round and into forward planning based on what we’ve experienced within our week. Pan, is that grounded sense of things but also being able to really trust in the awareness and also how we see the world. Pan, isn’t just pondering or naval gazing, this is a card of patiently waiting and trusting in what is, above what is being ‘fed’ to us. This is a perceptive card, and alluring. There is also a subtle balancing of energies going on within this as well (see below for more on this).


Overview: The most noticeable part is the numbers, 21 on both sides of 7, 21 is the card of completion and 7 is that creates a sense of foundation, so while there is a completion phase coming in, there is also room for building on the foundations that the cycle leaves behind. The Kuan Yin energy at the start of the week is kinder, subtle but also very healing and full of catharsis. We shouldn’t be afraid to look back and see who we have been and who we have evolved into at this point, after all where our damage is, has been healing with a little love and lot of gold.



Awareness, allows us to sense-check and get a perspective on where everything is at that moment in time, a way of looking at where our priorities are, as well as our energy at the moment. We’re heading into a completion of the year cycle very soon, whether that is the Celt wheel of the year or the Gregorian Calendar. Which, leads nicely into Pan; an old god that really doesn’t mess about. The energy of Pan is a grounded spirituality type, you look long and look hard at who and where you are, and also reflect on what has been and needs to be brought into conclusion within the window of the next cycle, if not before.


Thanks for stopping by and as always if it resonates, then woo hoo(!). Either way, don’t be shy do feel free to drop me a comment if you so wish. See you next time.



24th to 30th November | MASTER LIST | 1st to 8th December

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