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Tarot Blog Hop 05: Honouring the Ancestors

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG     Welcome to the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop;     Hello, welcome, don’t stand there on ceremony or give me that critical eye thing; you should be familiar with my ways by now. Ah so your new to this that’s okay; honesty just put your deck down over there for a few, hang up your broom over there by the door and grab some left overs […]

Tarot Blog Hop: Mabon 2016 Master List

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG   Welcome to the Mabon Tarot Blog Hop;   My name is Jay Cassels and I am your Chef and Cat Herder Extraordinaire for the hop. This is the Master List or Recipe Book, it is the “Don’t Panic” of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Tarot Blog… In other words it’s a good place to come back to if you end up getting lost when you’re reading […]

Tarot Blog Hop 04: Foodies Guide to Tarot

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG     Welcome to the Mabon Tarot Blog Hop;     My name is Jay Cassels and I am your Head Chef Extraordinaire for this month. It kind of blows me away a little to think that this is the fourth hop I have done, it’s also going to be a bit tamer than my last outing but I don’t think by much, so a little caution […]

Tarot Blog Hop 03: Tao of Tarot

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG     Welcome     It’s that time again! Herding cats, broken links, education and all in all a good time; I have the accompaniment of Tori Amos as I get started on my third blog hop post. If you haven’t heard of a Blog Hop, it’s okay you may know it as a Writers Circle or similar, the word hop in some places meant a dance […]

Tarot Blog Hop 02: You Have Mail

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG     Welcome     Welcome to the Sacred Healer Blog; if you are a regular surfer of Blog Hops then you’ll notice that a few things have actually changed. If you are interested, then you can find out more on this post. If you follow or have me on Facebook, rather than my pages (Sacred Healer Blog & Jay Cassels) then its possible that you know […]

Tarot Blog Hop 31: The 27 Wonders

Welcome my 31st post to the Tarot Blog Hop. The Pagan and Celtic Wheel of the Year, puts us at Beltane; taking the Reigns of Wrangler and posing us this topic “Tarot Continuing Education”. I have to admit, I did have a wry smile to my face at the arrival of this topic, as part of my journey has been to become a teacher (and assessor, as soon as I get off my ass to […]

Tarot Blog Hop 30: Circle Eight! 5

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG     Welcome to the October Tarot Blog Hop, it falls upon Samhain, All Souls Night or Halloween depending on how you look at it. This is the end of the cycle and the commencement of a new one for some, and for others it is the lead up to the end of the cycle, which occurs on the 2st/22nd of December. For me, this is where […]

Tarot Blog Hop 29: What’s in a Name Part 2 3

In the first half of my TBH post for Lughnasadh (or Lammas), I discussed the vibration and connections to cards that have had a name change. I selected two contrasting decks to do this and set an intention to look at the differences in energy between two cards, that were randomly selected. One Major and One Minor card from The Rider Waite and find The Cathar Tarot. In this second half of the post, I […]

Tarot Blog Hop 28: A Question of Time Part 1 4

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop; firstly happy or belated happy solstice depending on when you read this. Consider this a pre-title sequence, last time on TBH, I said that there was going to be a regeneration, and indeed if you have a look at the site itself here that is exactly what has happened, but sadly it is only a partial regeneration, as there have been complications and injuries along the way…   PREVIOUS […]

Tarot Blog Hop 27: Heart in the Cards? 4

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG     Welcome, this will be the last post on this site in its current form; the site is about to go through a bit of a revamp. Thankfully I have been able to get this one out before it regenerates. The Pagan and Celtic Wheel of the Year puts us at, Beltane; and this month its Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous, taking the Reigns of Wrangler. […]