SH: A New Beginning…

2019 and in particular July, has in many ways been the start of some major energetic and physical plane changes. I’ve been aware of it gradually moving in and gearing up to happen, since the end of 2018. There has been a sense of really stepping into and reclaiming power from others that I had willingly given it too. This continues to be powerful stuff, and alongside it, a sense that it was truly time to get answers about my own journey – from a soul perspective at least.





Throughout 2019, this all seemed to fall into place. The very subtle start, which was teaching 2 classes in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, soon built up momentum and 2 became 13 by November 2019, which is when this piece was amended. I have started to notice a ripple effect within my social networking community; there has been an under the radar split happened, as if the collective didn’t like a change in the power-play. To be fair, unless your actively paying attention to this kind of thing, you really wouldn’t notice it. Trouble is, I do. It is a big part of who I am and what my journey is about.



That said, here in November 2019, the healing of this rift has pretty much occurred and the elements that have needed to be filtered out, have done so of there own accord for the most part. All it has really taken is a shift in perspective. Awareness of how the energy flows, alongside mindfulness and a deep rooted sense of connection all play their part in how things are.



I come from a factual background in many ways, all my instincts are based around what I know; even when working with the cards or with Reiki, I ‘knew’ purely from that moment. However, the boundaries, those walls that keep everything in their nice pigeon-holes seemed to fade and the onset of multiple realities, the age of possibilities, began to creep in and I had no point of reference, at least to begin with.



I had to go back to the books and began reading Quantum Physics, which really made sense from the lay-persons point of view. I abore the idea that science has this almost self satisfying need to ‘Play God’ to prove from a cold logic point of view, the origins of the Universe. The breakthroughs are astounding, I will give science that, but the consequences of these astounding breakthroughs are terrifying and to make it worse, they have no way of putting their Titans of modern day in a cage and in many ways like Zeus in his young days, do not seem to care all that much, because their monsters are earning them the big monies.



With that in mind, their understanding of age old theories are very good! Part of Quantum Physics deals with the possibilities that all realities, have either occurred or are at this moment in time occurring. There are different logical answers as to why they remain separate and we’re not dealing with multiple versions of ourselves at any one moment, but then who is to say that we aren’t? What is to say that our soul isn’t transcending these barriers and we’re interacting with our different realities? The point is now that I have that awareness I am truthfully seeing the world.



Discovering, remembering and then re-discovering my own self thanks to regression, and self exploration; through awareness and mindfulness has been the best thing I have ever done. I began to notice all these things that I tolerated, chose to ignore or decided that I was best not knowing. So each one of these, I made the choice to search into and discover their roots; the bits that I had decided to ignore, the aspects of a situation that I chose to put up with and that is when everything exploded into technicolor awareness. Some of the cords being cut are the hardest ones to release.



I realised actually through the Yi Jin Jing, that I had been holding on to cords so tightly, that releasing them felt hugely welcomed. Learning as I did through these releases, the actual gifts that lay within. The truthful discoveries, the unpicking and unlearning all the filtered truths that each one of us tells another, the reasons for this are as always our own, but it taught me that sometimes it is better to say what is, rather than filtering it. Then of course it relies on us being aware of it to start with, and having enough awareness to recognise what it is we are doing.



I’ve slowly over October and into November become aware of a shedding process, where I am letting go of a lot of the things that I had once upon a time done or offered, at the start of this I thought it was going to the wayside, but now I actually see that it has little to do with that and more to do with getting ready to develop a teaching practice, in TCM, which will include a lot of work in the Massage areas, as well as Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Acupressure. So bodywork will become far more relevant, but before I can venture into that areas, I have other work needed to be done first.



Some of that involves cleaning up certain of the grids that I am going to be intersecting with, so that will involve gaining an impartial knowledge base. Other parts involve gaining suitable teaching experience, which is something that is on-going at the moment, and then there are the relevant qualifications relating to education, such as; Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) both in process. This moves me into what happens next, well the evolution of this site into a blog, the creation of the Jay Cassels Site into one that focuses on telling out there who I am, and what I stand for. Then there is Sacred Lotus, which is my teaching and in essence business site, which is currently in development alongside the Social Media presence.



So the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, will certainly be very interesting.




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