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In the first half of my TBH post for Lughnasadh (or Lammas), I discussed the vibration and connections to cards that have had a name change. I selected two contrasting decks to do this and set an intention to look at the differences in energy between two cards, that were randomly selected. One Major and One Minor card from The Rider Waite and find The Cathar Tarot. In this second half of the post, I will utilise both decks, posing them a question and compare/contrast the answer from each deck over three cards, again randomly selected.





The question that I posed, was along the similar lines to the question or talking points I created for the hop itself. That being, does changing the name of the card alter its vibration? I also suggested that authors could either compare/contrast cards, create a compare/contrast spread that could help making a choice for a name change or a baby name, as well as let their muses run wild and see where they end up. I mixed it up a little and went with the premise of a question to the cards and decks themselves…


First up; The Cathar Deck, there is something within this deck itself that points to a hidden underbelly. The World of Truth (XVII) – there is always a grain of truth no matter what a thing is named. The Cathar Deck is no exception to this rule, within the cards lies a truth; a hidden vulnerability that speaks to all prepared to listen. This truth is that names hold a power, and that power can be wielded either rightly or wrongly. The caution in this first card is be careful who you give your name to.



The Ten of Wisdom (Coins) – Happiness can be given, just as can be taken away. Wisdom in this is who dictates your happiness, these cards are painting pictures of a time when everything looks on the surface to be good but look closer, a stranger can be as much an enemy, as they can be a friend. A family huddled in the doorway, are they keeping warm or staying alive by protecting each other from prying eyes. Do they hide a secret or are they going about their day without a care? Names again are important here, because the name of a family can carry with it a burden, just as the nameless stranger offers both anonymity and dangerous times as well.



The Seven of Love (Cups), the cup overflows as she pour more into it. This card is another that has a second layer, what is under that table? Who is being hidden or what, is the cup overflowing from distraction, to cause a distraction or as a means of drawing attention to whatever is happening. There is an almost look of intentional pouring happening here, the face is intensely focused on the pouring but as it continues from the cup towards the floor, could this be intentional wastage, for an overflow needs to be caught somewhere, and that flow can easily be to another vessel, to give to those who need it the most…



As I look to these cards, I find that as answers go they are not exactly forthcoming, they send out a mixture of messages and answers; the vibration is messy because it is trying very hard to bridge a gap between tradition and history. However, now I pose the very same question to the Rider Waite, does changing the name of a Tarot Card, change the vibration both of the card and how it is received and read?


The Knight of Swords – Already the Knight charges into action, ready to defend the honour of tradition and traditional names. It instantly suggests that we should stick to what is known, call a sword, exactly that a sword. The Knight is feisty, full of youth but it’s deceptive at the very same time. The face may be young but this is a knight, who has seen many a battle and many a change in name but remains the same no matter what clothing or guise has been adorned.



The Page of Swords – Here is pride, and here is where pride is taken in a name. To wear a gift or to wear that which feels right, should not be undone or changed for the sake of things, we should understand what is in a name and what it means to have it. Pride is also something that can come before the fall, and indeed here is the start of August, a time that depicts a change of season, and vibration. The Page, stands a breast and hold aloft the sword; his only intention to see how it suits him and whether he will keep it and become a knight, or let it go and become something else.



Finally The Star (XVII) – Counterpart to The World of Truth (XVII) and also its mirror. Where the World of Truth, disclosed very little, The Star, much like Pandora bears her soul and shows her sins and vulnerability for all to see. The Star has nothing to hide, where the Truth can hide a multitude of our sins, particularly when we choose our truth, much like how we choose our history. The Star sees the balance of things and tries to weight up the consequences; The World of Truth, on the other hand reveals only what it needs to and keeps the rest ambiguous, hidden away from prying eyes to protect itself.



My sense of things tells me that names are powerful, the better and clearer a name is the better and clearer the vibration. We should not try to hide aspects of ourselves through name changes, as unless it is the right name for the right reason, all that happens is that history becomes marred and convoluted, much like the sense I get from The Cathar Deck. The Rider Waite on the other hand is exactly what it says on the tin.



Thanks for hopping by, please feel free to say hello to my companions as well…



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