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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop; firstly happy or belated happy solstice depending on when you read this. Consider this a pre-title sequence, last time on TBH, I said that there was going to be a regeneration, and indeed if you have a look at the site itself here that is exactly what has happened, but sadly it is only a partial regeneration, as there have been complications and injuries along the way…





Today sees part of the world enter into the Summer Solstice, or the longest day, while the other half, enters into the longest night, which is also known as the Winter Solstice. Isn’t it interesting how the ancients figured out balance, yin/yang and nature; but yet the modern and yet to be ancients can’t figure out how to cook or tie a shoe lace?



Please pardon my cynicism; I tend to get a little cranky around the Solstice. Still it does make me wonder, how our ancient cultures managed to work these things out and yet with all the modern conventions, we’ve ceased progressing as a culture/society and what have you… I am fairly certain that I’ll have a few out there, thinking but that is not the case we have XYZ in terms of progression, we’ve done ABC as well, so that’s progression. Yet I tend to counter that with, so if these are our defining moments, and these instances are our progression, why do only certain illnesses have ‘cures’ or like ‘cure’ and but some of the biggest killers, still seem to be rampant and without a ‘cure’ or like ‘cure’?



I have chosen for this month’s to look at two aspects from the Hop; the first one using The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor, where I am asking a question of why/when in connection to the progression/recession of culture/society and humanity. In the second half of this entry, I am looking/recounting a tale that led to me being reunited with The Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by Yury Sharov, alongside the recounting I will also be posing them a question surrounding timing, asking them to guide my hand (and who knows maybe your own) in relation to how as a diviner/oracle, we calculate with time within readings/consultations


Let’s begin with the first question, I have posed a question to the Akashic Tarot, it was quite simply when did humans start to loose sight of the bigger picture (however that is perceived)?, the spread itself is simply four cards, representing four, whether that is the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn), the four points of the clock (3, 6, 9 and 12), the four corners (North, East, South, and West). The Akashic Tarot has an atypical structure and does not follow the same naming conventions as traditional decks. However, it is a different way of accessing the information and besides I do love a challenge…



I’m beginning with 6 – The Divine Healer; a card that very much takes us back to biblical times (however you understand them), where healing was both seen as natural and as a gift from the God(s), many forms of natural healing would have existed and many ways to access it also existed. It just depends on how you view those times, whether as a devout practitioner of a faith path you see and accept figureheads as the beginning and the end of the matter or you tend to see it more as the Möbius strip or The Ouroboros (uroborus), where there is no figurehead but one continuous stream of consciousness, light, likewise you may just see things as finite, once it is done, it is done. Irrespective of the how, but respecting the individual belief; this card reminds us that at one time healing gifts, existed…



Progression leads us into 19 – Reflection; By nature or design, we’ve been corralled into the art of navel gazing and guilted into second guessing our own nature. In many ways it really stops us from asking the bigger picture questions, and by extension it prevents us from really paying attention, to what we’re being told. Reflection is not always about looking backwards, it can sometimes be about stopping, looking up and paying attention to all that is around us. It forces us to take a closer look at what the word, reality and normality actually mean. Both at the personal and also the beyond personal levels…



Moving forwards once again, 18 – Up in the Air; this is exactly where things are right now, it is all up in the air; we’ve got a dying planet, mad men in power, schisms and fractures in our cultures and societies all over the world. What people in positions of this power, fail to grasp is that they lead by example and the land as well as the people collectively follow. If they blatantly rewrite the rules to suit their tenure, stepping on the people that got them there in the process of rewriting, then when people rebel and become violent or disinterested, it is because power and collective intent is no longer in unison. In essence everything is Up in the Air, there is no sense of being or feeling grounded at all.



Lastly 6 of Scrolls – The Sands of Time; There is no natural conclusion to this one; it is still being written even now. What we do effects not just us but all of us, some have adopted the “there’s no way out of here, burn everything, people be damned” approach, which is bleak and perhaps accurate from their own perspective. Others have adopted “Down with the system, we can do better… maybe” approach, which is idealistic and potentially problematic, when the crunch time comes. After-all if someone presents you with the world and its power, says do better, what then happens?



No matter what happens from here on in, it is up to all of us to find the best way forward, collectively and also individually…



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4 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop 28: A Question of Time Part 1

  • Arwen Lynch-Poe

    An intriguing question and seeing the Christ as the first place, I had to wonder if we haven’t given up too much healing to “The Powers That Be.”

  • Joy Vernon

    Fascinating deck and powerful spread. I see the yin/yang in Reflection and Up And Away — Reflection has a lunar quality and Up and Away seems solar to me. The Sands of Time tell us we can never go back, but we can’t keep going forward forever either. The moon has natural cycles, the essence of time, and the Sun is the other timing indicator. Christ is a natural healer, but it seems to me that in the gospels he hardly every lays hands on others, only his disciples do. He just says, if you believe you are healed. He reflects (lunar) it back to the individual. Our hot air balloon is going to run out of steam and we will realize we can’t go up forever. When it finally needs to come down because of the sands of time, we return again to the healer and realize only we can be responsible for our healing and that requires honest looking within (reflection) to find the ultimate light of truth (solar balloon) unique to each of us. And around we go again. Like Ground Hog’s Day set on the summer solstice.

  • kim

    Wow, I am reading this too late at night to get as deep as the other commenters here but wanted to say how I enjoyed your tackling such a big and deep question as well as the practical in your sample readings. Fun read!