Daily Archives: 24th November 2019

Tarot Blog Hop 08: Questioning Time

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG As Time Goes By…   Okay let’s do the customary introductions first… Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous inspired this month, which in a nutshell is the relationship between Magic (or Magik) and Tarot. This is a challenge for me but instead of running or opting out of from the challenge I have decided to take it onboard and feel my way through it from my own unique […]

Tarot Blog Hop 32: Patterns…

Welcome back, my 32nd post to the Tarot Blog Hop. The Pagan and Celtic Wheel of the Year, puts us at Beltane; taking the Reigns of Wrangler and posing us this topic “Tarot Continuing Education”. I have to admit, I did have a wry smile to my face at the arrival of this topic, as part of my journey has been to become a teacher (and assessor, as soon as I get off my ass […]

Card of the Week: 24th – 30th November 2019

Welcome to brand new segment of my site, known as CotW or Cards of the Week … If your not familiar with the trend, it is where much like a Blog Hop I write up a post here on the site for the week ahead, using a combination of Tarot & Oracle Cards. This week, we’re look towards the end of November. Like the Master List that you find in a Blog Hop, there is […]