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Tarot Blog Hop: 22 – When Ruthlessness is Given a Name and Other Reveries… 2

PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG     Welcome to Sacred Healing, home to my second blog, which has a focus on the holistic, the healing and also at times the more personal and person centred approach towards life and indeed my work. My other site aptly named Jay Cassels has a more focus on my spiritual, mystical and in some way oracular approach to the different kinds of work that I do, […]

Tarot Blog Hop: 21 – A Megalomaniac, The Empress and A Monkey Walk into The Tower… 3

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for October and also welcome to the temporary home for the Jay Cassels blog entry as well for this month. This all down to the site having some cosmic surgery. I look forward to welcoming you and unveiling the changes on the next hop…   PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG   For many of us, this is of course in the Pagan and Celtic Wheel of […]